You may additionally find the Apple pay logo shown alongside your other welcomed payment methods.

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Apple salary is completely contactless and also takes just a couple of seconds to complete your payment.

You deserve to use apologize Pay as soon as dining in, going through a drive-thru, or choose up takeout.

As shortly as you are ready to pay, friend will access your payment techniques for apologize Pay through Apple Wallet and also follow the steps for her Apple device.

Using to apologize Pay at a Restaurant with iPhone confront ID:

Double-click the side switch to salary for her food v your selected cardVerify your identification using confront ID or through entering your passcodePlace her phone close to the NFC reader until a checkmark appears, and also you see “Done” ~ above the display

Using apologize Pay in ~ a Restaurant v iPhone Touch ID:

Rest her finger on your Touch ID come pay v your default cardHold your phone close to the NFC reader till you see “Done,” and a checkmark appears on display.

Using apple Pay in ~ a Restaurant with your apologize Watch:

Double-click the side switch of her watch come pay v your default card.Place her Apple Watch close to the NFC reader face down.Your clock will produce a tenderness buzz to let you know your transaction was successful.

We can obtain you pointed in the right direction. This link will take it you to our site that defines what Apple pay is: https://t.co/rofB1srfMC For assist with unrecognized Apple salary charges, reach the end to us here: https://t.co/FIk35Qz8ow

— Apple assistance (
AppleSupport) July 26, 2021

Can you Order Food Online v Apple Pay?

Almost every major delivery service accepts to apologize Pay together a contactless payment an approach for food delivery. Whether you space ordering groceries or takeout, you have the right to use Apple salary to stimulate food native DoorDash, GrubHub, Instacart, Postmates, Seamless, Shipt, and also Uber Eats.

Apple salary adds come the convenience of virtual food delivery. Not only can you order her favorite meals delivered right to your door, yet you can pay because that them with simply the madness of her screen.

To view if her favorite food delivery app accepts apple Pay, inspect out our grasp list below.

Delivery AppAccepts apologize Pay
Uber EatsYes

Many people choose to usage Apple Pay once making purchases virtual or through an app. Apple pay is much safer than entering your card number right into an app or ~ above a website.

Your challenge ID, Touch ID, or passcode are compelled when notified food virtual from your iPhone, Apple, MacBook, or iPad.

In enhancement to the added security that biometric verification, her card number and identity space never common with the restaurant you are paying.

Your credit card details is not also stored on your device when utilizing Apple pay or one Apple server. As a result, to apologize Pay is among the safest forms of payment available.

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Contactless payments carry out safety, security, identification protection, and an extraordinary level of convenience. Apple pay is quickly ending up being one the the most preferred payment methods for consumers and also business owner alike.

It’s hard to imagine being able come go the end to eat without also needing her wallet! apple Pay makes it faster and also easier than ever before to reap your favorite foods from her favorite restaurants.

Whether the a quick cup that coffee in the morning, a rapid drive-thru lunch, or a sit-down dinner with friends, Apple salary is embraced at every style and form of restaurant.Before long, to apologize Pay will certainly be accepted just around anywhere you have the right to order food!