The Ch"King, Spicy Ch"King, and also Ch"King Deluxe are now accessible at burgess King. Should you buy them?


On the heels of the 2019 uber-phenomenon that was the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, each succeeding launch the a replicant food selection offering by all of Popeyes’ competitors has increased the stakes. Popeyes dethroned Chick-fil-A together the best fried chicken sandwich in quick food, however no post-Popeyes offering has yet to come for the crown. Maybe predictably, McDonald’s has come closest therefore far, having taken about 18 month to tinker away at the product. Burger King is arriving late come the party v its Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwich, otherwise known as the Ch’King, however that delay has to be baked right into the marketing neighboring its rollout: we’ve been assured that it’s “worth the wait” in a push release titled “We Won’t fifty percent A** a new Chicken Sandwich.” Okay, BK! You have our attention. Currently all you need to do is live approximately the promise.

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We’ve been passionate to watch Burger King placed its money wherein its mouth is. The Takeout emailed representatives because that the firm on April 5 to examine when the sandwich was slated to come in Chicago and were told that there was “no upgrade yet.” however then eagle-eyed employee writer Dennis Lee spotted usual signage in the home window of a Chicago location heralding the new sandwich, and also a speak to to the restaurant evidenced that, yes, it has at last arrived. Interestingly, staff writer Allison Robicelli was told through her local Burger King in Maryland the it’s in the procedure of installing a whole brand-new fryer just to accommodate the new chicken sandwiches. Clearly, BK is bank on a winner, just like its push release promised. Hopeful, ns headed come the nearest location.

So, just how does the Ch’King taste?

Quick reminder of how the BK push release defined the as-yet-unnamed Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwich ago in February:

Our sandwich has a thick cut white meat chicken chest that is fresh breaded by hand because that a bite the is crispy ~ above the outside and juicy top top the inside. Served on a toasty potato bun with crisp deli pickles and a savory signature sauce. Oh and also you can include a tiny something, something favor iceberg lettuce and also tomato too.

You have the right to order Spicy, who chicken chest comes with an extra slathering of warm sauce, add to the “savory signature sauce” and also 3 pickles. Or you deserve to order Classic, either completely topping-free (besides the signature sauce) or with iceberg and tomato. One bite of each sandwich and also it was clear: the Spicy is the winner here. Though we were all expecting that at this point, weren’t we?


Exterior (left) and also Interior (right) that the Spicy Ch’King Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken SandwichPhoto: Marnie Shure
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I must an initial say the Burger King’s huge talk around its breading yes, really does host up. It’s also crispier and also craggier than the breading on KFC’s offering, and also it hugs the chicken the whole time, without falling off right into limp shreds once you bite it. It is either a testament to the breading, or a defect in the chicken breast itself: this thing is absolutely thinner (but simply slightly!) and a bit much more dry inside 보다 others we’ve tasted, therefore the practically saltine-like crunch the the breading help cover some sins.

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For those of united state accustomed come the charm of the Popeyes chicken sandwich, the slathering of hot sauce ~ above BK’s version is a curveball. That hot and also sweet, to the degree that the very first shatteringly crispy bite sent out signals to my mind that i was eating candied chicken breast. That’s no a bad thing, either; the cinnamon notes played well through the mellow potato bun (which is not rather as buttery as other iterations we’ve tasted, yet totally serviceable) and the pickles, which had actually an impressively vegetal crunch to them. If you favor Sweet baby Ray’s barbecue sauce, you’re most likely to enjoy what this hot sauce is bringing come the party. And it is decently hot, though no boldly so; I’d speak it could give friend slight nose sniffles, in ~ most, if girlfriend don’t on regular basis eat spicy food. The mayo (or every little thing the savory signature sauce is) had lemony Duke’s note to it, which to be a pretty capper top top the whole thing, also if the left the facility of the sandwich tasting gummy after numerous minutes. Kind flavor, but no one would miss out on it if it weren’t there.

If burgess King wants the Ch’King truly stand apart, it needs to readjust the way it’s assembled. The warm sauce needs to covering the whole chicken breast, not simply some random quadrant of it. Most of the delicious outer crags were left totally undressed, also as fifty percent the interior; after ns nibbled away all the sections covered in warm sauce, the sandwich can have been from pretty much anywhere. The cinnamon-sugar heat is the differentiator here, and BK need to lean ~ above that element as much as possible. Its distinct flavor file didn’t even make it right into the push release!