Since bursting onto the music step in 2004, Bruno Mars has come to be one of the world"s finest selling fight makers. The star, whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, can do it every — write, sing, and dance — on optimal of creating other hits because that mega stars favor Eminem and also Adele. Among his most famous collaborations, though, would need to be the song "Uptown Funk!" v British-American DJ and producer note Ronson.

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The song, which was released in 2014 as the lead single off Ronson"s 4th studio album Uptown Special, spent 14 main atop the Billboard warm 100 chart and influenced dance obstacles on YouTube and other social media platforms. Text like, "I"m too warm (hot damn) / contact the police and fireman" and also "Don"t believe me just watch" were yielded with confidence by Mars, who likewise got his funk on in the video clip where he danced and inspired a block party.

The sheer charisma and also pulsating drum beats the "Uptown Funk!" caught listeners" attention, but it additionally went through numerous variations prior to it was released. Check out on to discover out the an interpretation behind "Uptown Funk!"

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Upon looking in ~ the text to "Uptown Funk!", friend would more than likely be confused about what mark Ronson and also Bruno Mars room singing about. "This hit, the ice cold / Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold" Mars sings in the an initial verse (via Genius). "This one, for them hood girl / Them good girls, directly masterpieces."

It"s noticeable from the opening verse the there is a sense of cockiness, indigenous saying that the song is cool come referencing Michelle Pfeiffer"s "white girl" previous of doing drugs in movies (even despite she admitted to gift embarrassed by the reference), Ronson and also Mars want to hype themselves and listeners up.

There"s a sense of raucousness transparent the song, too, and also it"s in component due to quick lyrics and also metaphors that reflect Ronson and also Mars" happy personality; they execute not take it themselves or the tune too seriously. Slate listed that lyrics prefer "I"m too hot (hot damn) / do a dragon wanna pensioner man" poke fun at "a heritage of woman bravado." As it turns out, the raucous energy was apparent from the beginning and also stayed throughout the recording process.

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"Uptown Funk!" was a different recording procedure for Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, as they come up through it ~ above a whim. In one interview v NPR in 2015, Ronson claimed the song "did come out of a jam at Bruno"s studio." He described that Mars was play the drums and another producer, Jeff Bhasker, to be on synths as soon as they came up v the initial tune structure, yet had to end up it throughout several various countries due to the fact that of their schedules.

"Bruno to be on tour, and also we"d save trying these various arrangements, and I"d send this and also he"d send me an idea back, and then he"d be in London come play part festival for this reason we"d gain together and start come recut stuff," Ronson said Entertainment Weekly. "...he to be still on tour so I"d loaned a five-string bass from my buddy and also go approximately Toronto and also we"d like obtain a base line down, then run back to Dapton in Brooklyn... Like every little thing it took to complete the tune at that time."

Ronson stated the many stressful part of producing the song was comes up v the etc section, per NPR. In fact, the pressure to end up the tune was so intense for Ronson that he actually fainted in a restaurant and "had come be lugged out."

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"Uptown Funk!" to be so renowned that even Beyoncé Knowles could not resist gaining her funk on at the Super bowl on Feb. 7, 2016. The "Formation" singer joined Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson together Coldplay"s guests during the half-time show. Both Knowles and Mars engaged in a run battle, which has been regarded over 100 million times on YouTube and also gave new life to the song. However, Mars was at first not marketed on the idea of performing in ~ the Super key so soon after his headlining gig in 2014.

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"I called him i don"t think so," Mars told Rolling Stone in November 2016. "I simply felt like I"d done it." regardless of that, Coldplay frontman kris Martin pitched the to execute "Uptown Funk!" with Beyonce yet he still was no sure. "You"ve acquired to be careful with those performances," stated Mars. "They execute it a many on award shows, wherein you"ve acquired so plenty of cameos, but nothing solid."

However, when Beyoncé agreed, every little thing else was background and cemented "Uptown Funk!" as among Billboard"s best song of the decade.