Before Brooke Shields even came to be a teenager, she had already started her modeling and acting careers, playing her an initial starring movie function in Pretty infant at the age of 12. Today, the star is 55 year old and has to be married come screenwriter chris Henchy for almost two decades. The couple also have two daughters, both of whom are teens themselves. Their eldest kid Rowan Francis Henchy is 17, and also their youngest, Grier Hammond Henchy, turn 15 last month. Both girls are likewise growing up to look precisely like their renowned mom. Read on come learn more about Brooke Shields" household life and to see the incredible family members resemblance.

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Shields opened up up around her feelings on her kids potentially walking into imaginative careers speak to Social Life Magazine in 2018. She stated that Grier "has civilization coming approximately her encouraging she left and also right" and that Rowan enjoys performing in college plays. However, she desires them to keep their education at the peak of their priority perform for now.

"It"s a cutthroat and also demoralizing business," Shields said, being well conscious of what it"s like to work-related as a kid actor. "Plus, they desire you as soon as they desire you, and you need to be there for auditions and work, and also my children aren"t absent school. ~ college, if they still have actually the bug, they deserve to pursue the then, but school is first."

During an interview through Porter that very same year, Shields said that Rowan has a an excellent voice. However, the gibbs reiterated that her daughter won"t be functioning in the music industry quite yet.

"But I"ve told her that she needs an education," she said. "And no matter who your parents are, you either have actually it or friend don"t, and you need to commit—it can"t it is in a hobby."

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Rowan has actually helped her mom develop content because that a trendy society media platform.

"When ns joined TikTok, i joined it since my daughter said, "I will perform it because that you, I will navigate it because that you, let"s perform this together,"" Shields told Today this February.

In may 2020, Rowan do the efforts a viral TikTok an obstacle on Shields, whereby someone in the driver"s seat of a car grabs a bag native the backseat and also "accidentally" access time the passenger alongside them with it. However, Rowan didn"t realize the she left a bottle of sunscreen in she bag and also ended up giving her mom a fat lip during the prank.

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"I love humor, and also I love getting called out as lengthy as it"s not mean-spirited," Shields explained, also adding that her daughter apologized over and over. "And ns really think that she didn"t typical it to hurt. I was just so happy she want me to execute anything with her top top TikTok since I to be so no cool."

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In February that this year, Shields mutual on Instagram the she had broken her femur. Showing up on Today a few days later, she revealed that it taken place when she fell off the a balance board. She likewise discussed just how her children have assisted her remain positive throughout it.

"I think it"s tough for them as soon as they see their mommy not 1000%," Shields said. "They"re gift very, an extremely proactive as well in helping me just go, "You acquired this, Mom, and if girlfriend don"t feel very strong, we"re here for you.""