The 27-year-old fitness trainer and actor has safeguarded the pop star throughout her sensational court testimony lambasting she conservatorship. Here's whatever you should know around Britney's man.

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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari met on the collection of her music videoCredit: Getty images - Getty

Who is Britney Spears' boyfriend Sam Asghari?

Sam to be born in 1994, is the Persian heritage and also moved to the US with his family members from Iran.

He functions as a model, an individual trainer and also actor and has 1.8 million pendant on his Instagram page.

He has actually a sister referred to as Fay that made her catwalk debut in ~ Los Angeles Fashion mainly on Friday march 17.


Sam is a fitness model and also aspiring actorCredit: Getty images - Getty

How go Sam and also Britney meet?

Sam starred in Britney's raunchy music video clip Slumber Party, playing the singer's love interest.

In clips from the video, the 2 stare in ~ each other over a dinner table, i beg your pardon Britney crawls across in a skimpy outfit and also over the knee boots, before licking spilled milk in prior of Sam.

And it's no the very first music video Sam has starred in.

His challenge will also be acquainted to 5th Harmony fans, having showed up in their occupational From Home video as a workman extended in sweat.


The pair met on the collection of Britney's raunchy Slumber Party videoCredit: scope Features

Do Britney and also Sam have a private relationship?

In November 2016 Sam posted a laid back snap that the couple enjoying a sushi day on his Instagram page with Britney poking she tongue out.

But together his followers began to question whether this to be the begin of a blossoming relationship, that hastily deleted the photo from his account.

Then, on march 3 2017, Britney common a picture of the pair of castle on a hike, one of his date of birth cake and another of castle larking around with Snapchat filters.

And she captioned it: “My baby’s birthday.”

Since then, the pair have been posting around each other much more frequently. On February 9 he took to Instagram come slam she father Jamie.

He stated he has actually "zero respect for someone make the efforts to regulate our relationship and constantly throw obstacles our way".

"In mine opinion Jamie is a complete d***," the continued.

How long have actually they been together?

Britney and also Sam were connected in 2016 however didn't label points as main until January 2017.

As Britney proceeds to attend to her conservatorship issues, friend Sam is said to have helped her feeling calm and secure throughout it all.

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“Britney is very anxious and is make the efforts her ideal not to let her family and legal instance worsen she anxiety,” one insider told InTouch.

“She’s been really trying come use healthy tactics to against the anxiety. Sam has actually been helping Britney every action of the means and make the efforts to store her mind turn off of things. He is a an excellent influence in the sense.”


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