Jewel the the Sea’s outdoor pool is located midship the deck 11 and includes two whirlpools because that guests to relax in.Catered for by the swimming pool Bar and Sky Bar (with snacks obtainable from the nearby Solarium Cafe) and also with live entertainment indigenous the stage varying from Calypso music to demonstrations, the swimming pool is heated and has a preferably depth the 1.85m (6ft). It additionally has a tiled splash area running around the pool ideal for sitting in and also reading a publication or for youngsters to splash in.

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The waterslide is located on Deck 12 in the Adventure Beach family members area.Children under the period of 6 or 48 inches tall have to go down the slide with an adult.The on slide is just open because that a restricted number of hrs each day and ends at its own exit at the side of the splash area.

The ship"s Golf Simulator is located by the Seaview cafe aft that deck 12, wherein guests deserve to practise playing about a an option of three 18 hole golf courses. Charges use of roughly $25 per hour for up to 4 guests every session.

Fairways that Jewel is the ship"s 24 hour outdoor nine hole mini golf course through putters, balls, scorecards and pencils listed by the large statue of a lady in a blue swim costume holes.

An out full-size court for sporting activities (open 24 hrs a day) is situated on deck 12 of the ship whereby guests can enjoy a game of basketball, volley ball and a number of other court sports either through friends and family or as component of the stop tournaments that take place throughout the day.

Table Tennis is open 24 hours per day and also is situated on deck 11 (the swimming pool deck) with devices provided.
The Jewel the the Seas" 30ft high outdoor rock climbing wall, 200 feet over sea level top top the aft side of the funnel top top deck 13, has actually three various routes that varying degrees of difficulty to conquer and also bells to ring in ~ the finish when climbers make it to the top.All of the tools including shoes, helmets and harnesses are listed and socks, tops and shorts or trousers should be worn and clothing need to be dry. The minimum age to rise the wall is 6 years and waivers need to be signed come take component in the task (by adult for all kids under the age of 18). 6-12 years olds must have adult supervision at every times and also sessions last roughly 30 minutes and are based on a an initial come an initial served basis.Some bouldering (climbing there is no ropes) sessions are available at details times that the day.
Guests have the right to partake in a timeless game of Shuffleboard on deck 12 of the ship either top top their own or as part of an ordered competition.
The ship"s the end jogging and walking monitor is located on Deck 12 circling around the swimming pool deck listed below with six laps same to a mile.

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Two Gyro swimming pool tables that adjust at the speed of irradiate to offset any ship motion and maintain a secure playing surface ar are situated aft of deck 6 in the gamings Reserve the the Safari Club.To accessibility the pool balls for a game, guests need to leave their onboard SeaPass card with the bar soft at the Schooner Bar who offers them v a key. When guests have finished play they return the crucial to gain their SeaPass card back.
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