This taboo “benefit” that breastfeeding happens means more than civilization are ready to admit, however how common is it? An skilled weighs in on this mom"s story.

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By Claire Lawrence April 20, 2020


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Of every the embarrassing and also weird things that come with pregnancy and brand-new motherhood, this one is the hardest come admit. I’ll simply say it: Breastfeeding to be a turn-on.

Like every expectant mom, I’d heard about the benefits of nursing. Most of them concentrated on the baby: the antibodies, the infection-fighting properties, the immune mechanism something or other. And also I knew there were benefits to mommy as well: not just the convenience and the bonding, but some type of hormone boost that my prenatal books made sound favor a drug-free high. So, i honestly believed that that was kind of normal in those at an early stage weeks—once I got past the toe-curling nipple pain—for nursing come be, well, titillating?

Yep, I acquired sexual gratification from nursing mine newborn—and, as she grew, from a infant to a toddler. And then from baby number two as well, who, I must admit, nursed well towards her 2nd birthday. And why not? when the latch and suckling of one otherwise demanding and also relentless little person felt favor the loveliest tug that travelled from my breasts to mine nether regions, what exhausted and overwhelmed brand-new mother would certainly be in a hurry to give it up?

It took me quite a while to realize the others viewed this side effect as miscellaneous akin to sexual perversion. “No,” my friends would say, bewildered and a little weirded out. “No, it doesn’t feel like that come me.” and also then: “How, exactly, would you to speak it feels come you?”

It was tough to explain, really, other than perhaps choose there is a gossamer thread connecting mine nipples to my uterus, my cervix, my clitoris? associated to other nice, in any case, for this reason that when I’d sink, exhausted, top top the couch or ago into bed with a hungry baby, it no take lengthy for the suckling to release a rush of warm hormones.

To be clear, breastfeeding no a route to ecstasy, yet it was a reliably pleasant endure that lugged the same kind of sexual stimulation the a good mental fantasy might. It was a tiny bit choose foreplay, except with spit-up or a diaper change in ~ the end of it every (still the wet point out in the bed but no climax).

Still, it supposed that early motherhood was, choose pregnancy, a time of heightened desire. Also pumping brought some type of stimulation, though never so lot that it outweighed the sheer tedium and absurdity of being strapped to my Medela.

None the this surprises Viola Polomeno, an associate professor at the university of Ottawa’s school of Nursing that specializes in perinatal sexuality and also assures me that “it’s all normal” as soon as it pertains to the link between sexuality, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. “It’s much more common than you think, and it goes with all the hormonal transforms that space going on in pregnancy and childbirth, yet it is taboo,” claims Polomeno. “It’s rarely mentioned by clients, and even healthcare experts don’t frequently acknowledge it since it’s so private.”

Polomeno believes the sexual arousal that some females feel during breastfeeding is brought about by a mix of factors, consisting of a boost from the “love hormone” oxytocin and also the physical stimulation that a education baby. Breasts, after all, room wired for pleasure. Include in the emotional release of relaxing quietly and connecting with your baby—stolen moment in one otherwise sewage day—and the a perfect recipe because that a physiological reward.

 “There’s the physics stimulation that brings a certain contentment, the affection of stop a baby close and also the continually of satisfied in all of it,” defines Polomeno, “and it can proceed by levels to the allude that it i do not care a sexual experience.”

Though gift turned on by breastfeeding no come up much in mommy groups, rarely is the woman that can’t phone call a story about her increased sex drive throughout pregnancy, as soon as the rise of oxytocin have the right to fire up a woman’s desire.

“One mrs in 5 will uncover orgasm because that the an initial time throughout pregnancy,” claims Polomeno. She doesn’t know precisely how typical it is because that nursing mother to obtain aroused by nursing your babies, other than that she is specific that that happens much more than world are willing to acknowledge.

“Women no sharing that or being open about it due to the fact that they feel some sort of guilt or shame approximately it,” she says. “It’s for this reason taboo castle ask ‘Is it also possible?’”

I’m right here to tell friend that, yes, it is possible, though I had no idea the was quite as scandalous as some seem come think. Blessed to offer birth in the period of the internet, I had looked it up somewhere, at part point, when my babies to be so, um, pleasurable and was reassured to uncover that i wasn’t alone.

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While both mine daughters enraged the same response and the effect lasted transparent my years of nursing, Polomeno says that there’s really no pattern for that experiences sexual stimulation throughout breastfeeding, as soon as it’s much more likely to happen or how long it lasts. “It varies, therefore a woman might not experience it right away, in the first few days or weeks, however it can come later, when her human body settles,” she says. “Some women can never suffer it in ~ all, and some can experience the earlier.”

While ns was lucky enough—weird enough?—to feel more satisfied than many moms throughout my three years through babies attached to mine boobs, in the end, weaning come as the very same bittersweet relief i suspect many moms feel. Enough with the nursing bras and messy milk. Enough with the grasping toddler every time ns sat down for a break. It was great while the lasted, baby, however mama requirements to relocate on.