With the release of A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper"s talents are finally getting the fist they deserve.

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Cooper command the movie and stars as Jackson Maine, a down-and-out nation singer that meets struggling artist Ally, play by musical dynamo Lady Gaga. The pair have incredible chemistry, and also the two obtained Oscar nominations for their roles. Cooper also joined Gaga onstage during her las vegas residency in January.

A plethora that live music numbers function in the movie, however is Cooper really performing every one of them? Here"s whatever you have to know. Watch the Movie

Cooper trained for six months so the he could perform in the movie.

Cooper underwent some severe training before he play Jackson Maine. Every Entertainment Tonight, the actor had actually singing, guitar, and piano class for 6 months simply so that he might portray a country singer in the movie.

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Alongside the grueling music schedule, Cooper likewise co-wrote the movie"s script, directed the film, and also co-wrote number of songs for the soundtrack. No huge deal.

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Lady Gaga to be impressed through Cooper"s singing ability.

While promoting the movie in September 2018, Lady Gaga opened up up on The Graham Norton Show about the an initial time she heard Cooper sing. She revealed, "I was blown away by him. He sings indigenous his soul, that sings native his gut." Apparently, the director convinced her that his ability to pat Jackson Maine in ~ their first meeting thanks to his remarkable voice.

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Cooper perform live at Glastonbury in 2017.

To ensure that the movie looked and also sounded as actual as possible, Cooper took to the phase at Glastonbury to film scenes because that A Star Is Born. Fans were, of course, overjoyed to watch the famed actor play guitar and sing together Lady Gaga, Metallica"s drummer Lars Ulrich, and also Kris Kristofferson, per MTV News. The clip is now a component of the above film.


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But someone else played guitar in the movie.


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Despite Cooper having substantial music tutelage before filming the movie, the sound viewers in reality hear in A Star Is Born is listed by one more musician. When Cooper is a skilled player, a famed musician—Willy Nelson"s child Lukas Nelson—is responsible for the music in the movie.

Nelson even joked around Cooper"s musical abilities in a red carpet interview through Entertainment Tonight, phone call the actor"s guitar playing a "five or a six" out of ten, i beg your pardon Cooper said was generous.

Having co-written lot of the music, Nelson was vital collaborator ~ above A Star Is Born. Together an achieved country music star, it provides sense the his incredible an abilities were used in the final version. Nelson evidenced to The Fader, "The music girlfriend hear on the soundtrack to be played by my band, and also I produced those songs v everybody."

That gift said, Cooper can play guitar, and it"s really him singing in the movie.

Pearl Jam"s Eddie Vedder didn"t think Cooper have to sing in the movie.

Per Vanity Fair, at the Toronto global Film Festival premiere the A Star Is Born, Cooper revealed the he"d based few of his portrayal the Jackson on Eddie Vedder indigenous Pearl Jam. Having spent time with Vedder when researching the movie, Cooper told the singer that he plan to perform his very own songs onscreen, to which Vedder supposedly replied, "What? Bro, don’t carry out that."

The movie"s opened sequence to be filmed live at a Willie Nelson and also Jamey Johnson concert.

As Willie Nelson"s kid co-wrote much of the music in A Star Is Born, Cooper was able to ask because that permission to execute onstage at one of the country legend"s concerts. Follow to Vanity Fair, Cooper wanted the live scenes to look as realistic together possible, and also was given just eight minutes during Nelson and Johnson"s collection to perform, definition that his performance had to be perfect the very first time.

Cooper rejoined with Lady Gaga in Vegas.

Fans go wild once The Hangover actor showed up in ~ Lady Gaga"s las Vegas residency, ENIGMA, recently. Video clip of the duo"s performance was shared on social media, proving the Cooper can certainly sing live.

Plus, it"s currently been announced that he will perform "Shallow" in ~ the 2019 Oscars together Lady Gaga, i beg your pardon is certain to it is in epic.

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Here’s another component when Cooper an initial took the phase to song “Shallow” with Lady Gaga at she Enigma show!!! What an exceptional show. Cooper was sitting appropriate behind us. We said hi a couple times. Ns was attract a Jackson Maine shirt. Wow. Impressive seeing them perform that live.

Anyone who"s watched A Star Is Born will agree the Cooper"s vocal power is impressive, particularly when you think about the reality that he likewise directed, co-wrote, and also acted in the movie.