Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk reunited for a brand-new York minute to invest some top quality time through their daughter, Lea De Seine, on Friday.

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The exes were photographed dance in a car together all masking up and also ready because that a day out through their 3-year-old.

Little Lea in certain seemed to it is in in a great mood and had an adorable laugh plastered across her face.

While Cooper, 46, remained incognito in a large puffy jacket, sunglasses and also a hat, the 35-year-old model looked chic in a pumpkin-colored leather shirt, jeans and brown boots.

Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper smiles as she safety the day through her parents. BACKGRID

Shayk was also seen delivering a to buy bag native FAO Schwarz, probably toting a brand-new toy for their tiny tot.

The pair have actually been co-parenting their daughter since their breakup in June 2019. A source told page Six at the moment that their connection was “hanging on through a thread.”

Page Six an initial exclusively revealedthat the two were spotted ~ above a Broadway date night ago in April 2015.

Nearly 2 years later, the former pair announced they to be expecting a son together and welcomed Lea in in march 2017.

But things went south for the pair around the moment Cooper’s success with “A Star Is Born” kicked off.

Irina Shayk tote a purchase bag from FAO Schwarz while hanging out with ex Bradley Cooper and their daughter.BACKGRID

They were viewed at a sulky dinner at Masa while Warner facility together, signaling that their connection was top top the rocks.

“They space miserable together,”a source told page Six exclusively. “They have actually been because that months. He no drink and also is right into spirituality. She desires to walk out.”

Shayk opened up up around their break-up in January 2020, informing British Vogue, “I think we’ve been an extremely lucky to endure what we had with every other” and also “Life there is no B is brand-new ground.”

Fortunately, the duo has been able to harmoniously co-parent, with a resource telling page Six after ~ their split that there was “no drama.”

Cooper and also Shayk have typically been spotted publicly together post-breakup, like when they had a household lunch in in march 2020, or when they were snapped the end on a stroll with each other in September that year.

Bradley Cooper and also Irina Shayk begin their morning v their daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper.BACKGRID

Cooper sparked date rumors with former “Alias” co-star Jennifer Garner once they to be spotted spending the day on the beach together.

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However, a source told web page Six at the time, “ room friends and also have been forever,” and that there was “no fact to noþeles else.”

The short article reported this summer that the actor to be rumored to be shacking increase in Fairfield, Connecticut.