Could rock star Jon Bon Jovi be the following owner that the Buffalo Bills? Jason La Canfora the CBS sporting activities is reporting the he has spent time positioning himself to purchase the franchise once it i do not care available.

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This is no fleeting desire because that the music star, that has displayed a solid passion because that football. In 2004, he founded and was the main owner because that the Philadelphia Soul, a member of the Arena football League. His team walk on to success the league championship in 2008. As soon as the organization suspended play in 2009, Bon Jovi did not return as owner as soon as they started earlier up in 2011.

Instead, he has turned his attention to the NFL, hoping to uncover a method into the exclusive society of being an NFL owner. In 2011, the attempted to acquisition 15 percent of the Atlanta Falcons for $150 million, follow to chris Mortensen the ESPN. At that time, the singer was quoted as saying with his spokesperson Tiffany Shipp:

Since help to establish the Philadelphia heart Arena football team—from that inception v our 2008 championship season—I have constantly made clean my desire to someday enter the NFL.

This is wherein the Buffalo bills come right into play.

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If the singer was awarded the franchise, the an initial thing the would lug is mainstream notoriety. With the lack of success top top the field over the much better part the a decade, the Bills company has come to be somewhat forgotten in ~ the NFL. 

Would the bills get an ext prime-time gamings with Bon Jovi as owner?Jason Miller/Getty Images

Since 2009, the Buffalo receipt have had actually only 4 games ~ above prime-time television, and only among those gamings were play in Ralph Wilson Stadium. The NFL would not want to miss an opportunity to cut to a person like Jon Bon Jovi in the owner"s box 3 or four times a game on national TV.

The affect he might have top top the organization can be very comparable to what Jay-Z did for the NBA franchise Brooklyn Nets. As soon as he joined the ownership group in 2010 as part-owner, they to be the brand-new Jersey Nets and were seen as the tiny brother to the brand-new York Knicks.

The Nets over the next two years, though, went through a major transformation and re-branding with a brand-new arena in Brooklyn, logo and uniforms. The change was made much easier and accelerated by having a name prefer Jay-Z associated with it.

Bon Jovi might have a comparable impact v the Bills as result of his substantial following of pan and affect in music.

The biggest issue for any type of Buffalo bills fan, though, when pointing out potential brand-new owners is if castle will save the team in Buffalo.

La Canfora eases potential comes to at the finish of his short article when he writes, "Regardless of the precise nature of the ownership transaction, league sources carry out not view the Bills finishing in L.A. Anytime soon, also with part Hollywood connections, offered the geography and allure the Toronto."

He additionally mentions in his write-up that "Bon Jovi has spent considerable time in the area gaining to recognize politicians and power brokers and also even included a date there so late in a current tour to allow for an ext time to allocate come the matter."

These room all indications the this is no a snatch and also grab job for Bon Jovi to gain a NFL team and potentially move them elsewhere. If Jon Bon Jovi is called as the follower to Ralph Wilson as owner of the Buffalo Bills, there is absolutely potential to bringing some notoriety to the organization.

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