Profession: Miscellaneous
Date the birth: Aug 18, 1965
Age: 56
Net worth: 4 Million
Birth Place: Nashville, TN
height (m): 1.85
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: In partnership

Bob Harper is a television personality and personal trainer choose Dave Rienzi. Apart from that, the is likewise an author releasing several books on diet and exercise consisting of ‘The Super carb Diet’ in 2017. The trainer showed up on the truth television present ‘The biggest Loser’ and announced to organize the show in 2015.

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Moreover, he has likewise received the location ‘Sexiest male Vegetarian of the Year’ by PETA in 2010. Yet later in 2013, he quit being permanent vegan yet after having a cardiac arrest in 2017, the went back to a vegetables lifestyle. Let united state scroll listed below to know an ext information top top his diet, exercise routine, net worth, and an individual life as well.


Caption: Bob Harper, the an individual trainer and also author.Source: NBC News

Bob Harper: Bio, Family, Education

The personal trainer was born ~ above 18 respectable 1965, in Nashville, Tennessee, the U.S. As Robert Harper. He seems a little bit secretive as soon as it concerns his personal life. That’s why, he has actually not shared much information on his parents, siblings, or at an early stage childhood. However, he has actually revealed that his mother died due to a love attack and spent his beforehand life through his dad on a cattle farm in Nashville. Additionally, he has actually a nationality the American and ethnicity of phibìc American.

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Regarding his education, he attended Austin Peay State college in Clarksville, Tennessee. Yet due to part reason, the did not complete his graduation. Climate he went on taking training indigenous the American Fitness training of Athletics and got the certificate as a an individual trainer. And additionally joined the Aerobic and Fitness combination of America to gain the certificate.

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