Happy Veterans Day! on this distinct day, numerous restaurants and businesses throughout the country salute our business men and women with discounts and cost-free products. Bob Evans is one restaurant chain that proudly establish veterans every November. Since Bob Evans himself, the founder and namesake the the restaurant, to be a veteran, the firm is truly…

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As always, Bob Evans will be celebrating Veterans work on November 11, 2020, by offering complimentary meals to energetic duty and veteran military personnel.

The Bob Evans Veterans day promotion, all active duty military and also veterans space eligible to pick 1 cost-free meal, through 7 menu items to select from. Military personnel will have actually the chance to choose a complimentary meal at breakfast, lunch, or dinner top top November 11.

In a moment, I’ll lay out the specific menu items up for order last year.

What identification You have to Bring

Servicemen and servicewomen who wish to take full advantage of the market by Bob Evans restaurants need to administer military to know at the restaurant. You have the right to prove your army status via any type of of the options listed below:

DD type 2 for retirees (retired members who are entitled come pay and also members that the temporary and permanent handicap lists)DD kind 2765 (100% disabled retirement veterans and Medal of respect recipients)DD form 2 (members of Inactive national Guard and also Individual all set Reserves)Leave and Earnings statement (which have to be current)Veteran’s organization card (VFW, American Legion, DAV, for example).Photograph of girlfriend in a armed forces uniformArriving in ~ the restaurant in your armed forces uniform (if your service permits this)

What the Bob Evans Veterans Day deal Includes

All branches of the Bob Evans restaurants sell servicemen, servicewomen, and also veterans the choice of one of several totally free options top top Veterans Day, November 11.

Members the the armed forces who are proactively serving or room veterans room invited to any type of of the Bob Evans restaurants come avail the this wonderful offer by presenting their army identifications.

While Bob Evans hold veterans in high esteem every work of the year, their complimentary meal offer only applies to November 11 at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Who Is Eligible because that Bob Evans’ army Special

All army personnel, including current, retired, and also former military members space eligible because that the Bob Evans Veterans job offer.

Members of the Reserves and the national Guard can likewise participate in this national celebration ~ above November 11.

But please take note that this sell is just for the armed forces member or veteran and also does not incorporate family members. Any kind of changes in the market would be shown on their website.

Special Menu and Meal Restrictions

Bob Evans restaurants sell a selection of menu items on Veterans Day, through appealing entrees in ~ breakfast, lunch, and dinner time.

Here’s review of this year’s food selection items to provide you one idea that what to expect.

Breakfast Menu

Country Biscuit Breakfast – fresh (never frozen) sausage and a buttermilk biscuit topped with a cooked-to-order egg, gravy, shredded cheddar cheese, and also hash browns, grits or home fries.Brioche French Toast – two slices of rich brioche bread dipped in vanilla or cinnamon and cooked top top a griddle until golden brown.The Mini Sampler – a cooked-to-order egg offered with hash browns, grits, or residence fries with bacon or sausage and freshly baked breadStack that Hotcakes – four hotcakes through syrup

Lunch and also Dinner Menu:

Hand-Breaded Crispy Fried Chicken – All-white meat, boneless chicken. Served with mashed potato & gravy and corn.Country Fried Steak – offered with gravy and also mashed potatoesSoup & Salad Combo – Farmhouse Garden side salad with an option of soup: Chicken-N-Noodles, Hearty Beef vegetable or Cheddar baked Potato.

Which is her favorite?

Bottom Line

If the food selection items above sound appealing, be certain to autumn by Bob Evans top top Veterans Day to take advantage of a tasty cost-free meal with your family.

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If you do stop by on November 11th, be certain to lug some form of armed forces ID, or come in uniform!

Bob Evans is one of the plenty of national chains offering armed forces specials this Veterans Day. Be sure to examine out every the restaurants providing Veterans day specials here.

With every the service providers offering Veterans Day sleeve deals, you’re bound to uncover a discount you and also your family members can enjoy. Give thanks to you for her service!