Whether the a consistent stream that spam message or the persistent ex who won’t take “no” for an answer, blocking message is something you have to learn exactly how to do. Even if it is you usage iOS or Android, the process is probably much faster and more painless than you realize.

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No matter what type of phone friend have, if you’re wondering how to block message messages — and even unwanted phone calls — it’s easy, and also we’ll present you how.

Blocking messages in iOS

Block messages from known contacts and also phone numbers




Blocking texts in iOS is easy. On her iPhone 12, iphone phone 12 Pro, or iphone phone whatever, here’s what to do: for messages special, tap the post from the call you want to block, then tap on their name, i beg your pardon will reveal the Audio, Facetime, and Info options. Tap ~ above the Info option, climate tap on the arrow to the best of the phone icon next to their name. Role down and also select Block This Caller.

Another method is to walk to Settings > message > clogged Contacts and tap Add New to include a brand-new blocked contact. Making use of either method, you’ll block not only messages, but additionally phone calls and also FaceTime calls. This conserves you from having actually to walk to the Phone and also FaceTime apps and settings to block the exact same person.

Block messages from number that show up as unknown or private

Unfortunately, friend can’t fully block unknown and private number in the same means you have the right to block known contacts. Friend can, however, filter and also separate them from the world you know. Walk to Settings > Messages and also toggle top top the Filter Unknown Senders option. This will create a new tab in her Messages app called Unknown Senders, and you won’t obtain notifications because that these. It may not it is in ideal, however it’s a kind compromise.

Report spam iMessages

Another point you can do is report spam and also junk iMessages. As soon as you obtain an iMessage from who you don’t know, there will be a Report Junk link. Tap the link to front the sender’s information and message come Apple. The company should deal with the contact and also eventually render the human or bot can not to article you again.

You can also email Apple in ~ “imessage.spam
apple.com.” save in mind the you’ll require a screenshot that the message, as well as the email attend to or phone call number that sent the iMessage, and the date and also time you received it.

Apple doesn’t deal with SMS and also MMS messages, however you can always report them to your carrier. AT&T, for example, suggests sending the spam message to 7726 (SPAM). Afterward, the carrier will certainly look right into the message.

Blocking messages in Android

On a Google phone

There room two ways to go about blocking message on a Google phone, such as the Pixel 5 or Pixel 4. The very first is to open up the Messages app, then open or begin a conversation with one of your contacts. Tap More — stood for by 3 vertical dots — select Details, and also tap Block & Report Spam. You can likewise open the Messages app, touch and also hold the conversation you want to block, and tap the Block symbol when the option appears in the top-right corner.

On a Samsung phone



Similar come a Google phone, Samsung phones such together the Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S21, or Galaxy S21 Ultra have two ways to block messages. One an approach involves opened Messages, then selecting the conversation that has the contact you desire to block. From there, tap the More icon, or the 3 stacked dots at the top right of your screen, select Block Number — on part phones you deserve to just tap Block Number at the height of the screen — and toggle to examine Delete Conversation if friend like. Then, tap OK.

Or head to Messages, tap the 3 stacked dots food selection at the optimal right of your screen, then choose Settings. Tap Block Numbers and also Messages, then select Block Numbers, whereby you can manually go into the contact’s number and tap the + sign, or choose from her inbox or contacts list. When you’ve gotten in all the numbers you desire to block, tap the back arrow.

On an LG phone

Got one LG Wing? an excellent for you! quiet rocking the LG Velvet? No problem! LG’s blocking process is fairly quick and also straightforward. Begin by opening LG’s message app and tapping the SMS or MMS article you desire to block. Then, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner, then tap Block Number to confirm your choice. The number should now be blocked.

On an HTC phone

Much choose LG’s impede process, HTC’s method of blocking undesirable messages is quick and easy. Open Messages, then tap and also hold the preferred text conversation till the Message Options appears. Then, tap Block Contact.

Using her carrier

Many mobile carriers carry out services and additional settings to help their customers block message from certain numbers, choose those from telemarketers. T-Mobile has actually Message Blocking, Verizon has Block call & Messages, and AT&T has actually Secure Family.

Block messages with apps

There room dozens the apps in Apple’s application Store and also Google’s Play save that administer you with more ways of impede numbers and also messages. Us recommend checking this ones out if you decide to go v that option, however be conscious of the potential privacy problems inherent with sharing her contacts.

Should i Answer? (free)

Should i Answer? is among the finest choices if you’re trying to find a call-blocking app. It includes an energetic forum the reviews and rates assorted phone numbers, as well as sharing other information, which renders it easy to call if a phone number is legitimate, a bot, telemarketer, or a scam. It’s simple to block numbers virtual or off, and there’s an choice to block any type of or every numbers exterior of your contacts list. Yes, this text-blocking software accesses her contacts. However, the developer promises your contact remain personal without shares or uploads, and also contacts are only accessed come check against incoming phone call calls. Sadly, this application isn’t compatible with iPhones.


Hiya Caller ID and also Block (free)

This call-blocking app works off a enormous database with numerous phone number to identify and flag telemarketers, robocalls, fraudsters, and debt collectors. This app lets you make a perform to block numbers or reverse-search number from her phone calls log. Hiya’s downside is that it accesses your contacts and puts them into their database in one encrypted format. The agency guarantees castle will never ever sell your contacts and can only accessibility them to kind white lists and match information. Still take it a look at the privacy plan to be on the safe side. Hiya was arisen by the same folks behind Mr. Number, another widely offered app.

Android iPhone

Truecaller (free)


Truecaller, the next in heat from the well-regarded Truemessenger app, works in lot the same means as that is predecessor by alerting you to a spam speak to or message. As shortly as the app detects spam, it will certainly block the senders so they can not call and also text friend anymore. The app’s mighty Caller ID system identifies any kind of unknown numbers that harass you. End 250 million people use this app, for this reason you recognize it’s obtained to be good, especially because they can share call data for the spam callers. Also though her phone publication will be accessed for this reason Tuecaller deserve to block spam, the company reassured us that user privacy will not be compromised.

“In accordance with Google beat Store and Apple app Store policies, Truecaller does not upload user contact or make them shareable/searchable come others,” Hitesh Raj Bhagat, manager of corporate Communications, said us. If the application accesses your phone publication for that Caller id tool, that won’t take it or use any type of of the details you have actually stored there.

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You don’t need to take ours word because that it: check out the privacy plan (or the easy-to-skim abridged version) for you yourself to make sure you feeling comfortable utilizing this app.