There space a few people who in their chosen career have actually turned points downside up. Blake Tollison Shelton is just one of such people and is known everywhere the human being as among the ideal Country Music Singers. Life started for Blake very averagely favor so many other Americans yet thanks to his uncle, that learnt exactly how to beat the guitar at 12. Prior to Shelton to be twelve, music had found him and also he was constantly singing so it was not a surprised to his household when he composed his very first song at the period of 15.

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Date that Birth: June 18, 1976

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Since his an initial song, Blake Shelton has worked his method to the height through difficult work and a great vocal strength. In 2011, he ended up being one the the judges top top the global musical compete “The Voice”. In all his years together a musician, Shelton has garnered over five Grammy nominations and also several awards one recurring one has been the compensation for male Vocalist the the Year. Let’s see more about the other Sheltons who space not as renowned as Blake Tollison.

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Richard Lee Shelton (father)


Date the Birth: September 7, 1940

Date of Death: January 17, 2012 (aged: 71)

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

The so late Richard Shelton, father to country music symbol was once a clerk for supplied cars, he likewise owned and operated J. R. Cars. Us did not understand so much around Richard Shelton yet we space sure the he was forever supportive and also proud that his son and his achievements. In 2011, Dick’s health and wellness started in the direction of a bottom slope and also his mega celebrity son was very supportive in every one of these times. Blake even dedicated one that his 2011 trophies to his ill dad who he stated would be watching at residence at the moment of the award.

January 17, 2012 would forever be a day because that the Sheltons come remember together that to be the day they lost their dad to Lung Cancer complications. Blake was especially ravaged after his father’s death that that cancelled a number of tour dates to grieve his late dad. In 2016, St. Anthony hospital in Shawnee, Oklahoma devoted a fountain come honour the late Richard Shelton.

Dorothy Shackleford (mother)


At the time of Blake’s birth, Dorothy to be the owner that a beauty salon in the tiny Ada hometown, Oklahoma. To many, Blake might be the famous nation Singer yet to Dorothy, he continues to be her tiny boy. Dorothy remembers while as a son he loved being outdoors and constantly came residence with Frogs which brought about his nickname “Toad”. Mama Shelton assumed for as soon as her child was walking to it is in a veterinarian or a forest ranger because of his great love for animals and also the woods but she is certainly surprised with just how successful the has end up being as a musician. Dorothy is the author of the novel “Time because that Me come Come Home”.

Endy Shelton (sister, born to same parents)


Date that Birth: march 7, 1972

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Endy is the just sister to mega country music star and is a graduate of East central University. She is a jewellery designer and Endy Designs features a necklace influenced by Blake’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert. The love in between the Sheltons is certainly one of a kind! Blake loves his sister and also is one of her best fans and also she feels equally the same method about him. They never ever shy at the slightest opportunity to wake up for every other. How cool is that? She is married and also has 2 kids, a boy and also a girl.


Blake Shelton v sister Endy, her husband and kids

Richie Shelton (half-brother, born to Dorothy Shackleford and also Ronnie Musgrove)


Date the Birth: July 6, 1966

Date of Death: November 13, 1990 (aged: 24)

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Richie is 10 year older than his superstar brothers Blake. In 1990, Richie passed away instantly in a car accident while Shelton was 14. One thing yet that was revealed ~ a when was that the 2 boys were not organic brothers. Because that a long time, us all believed Dorothy had actually both boys v Richard Shelton till the truth was eventually uncovered. Blake loved his brother and wrote “Over You”, a track with Miranda Lambert about how unashamedly that misses Richie.

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Dorothy had actually Richie through her husband Ronnie Musgrove yet after a when in her marital relationship she started an affair through Richard Shelton. This really obtained Ronnie pissed so he divorces Dorothy. After ~ the divorce, she angrily changed their young surname to Shelton and took him far from his dad when he was just 2 year old. This make Musgrove missing in the childhood work of his boy not until not too long before the automobile wreck as soon as Richie knew he had actually “two fathers”.