You can find your payment info by logging into your Merchant Panel. You can view assignment in information from certain date ranges (change date ranges in the top-right edge of the webpage). To watch orders in detail, select "Billing" on the left side and then select "Detail View."To export your orders to a spreadsheet, select "Export information CSV" situated in the bottom right corner of the webpage.

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Payment Dates

Payments are processed top top the 1st & 15th of every month.Payment on the 15th will certainly cover sales native the 1st through the 14th,while the payment on the 1st will sheathe sales native the vault 15th through the finish of the month.Direct deposits will be posted right into your bank account within two organization days ~ processing.

Note: need to either day fall on a weekend or holiday, payment will be handle on very first standard service day thereafter.

Direct Deposit

We highly recommend setting up a direct deposit to ensure the all payments are obtained as easily as possible. Girlfriend will be able to receive payment in any kind of dollar amount. Girlfriend can collection this up on your Merchant Panel, click "Settings" on the left hand-side, and also it will lug you come the payment screen.

Note:You can leave the "Store ID" field blank as that is unnecessary.

Standard examine

You might receive her payments via conventional check. However, the check processing agency only writes checks for payments the $50 or more, so as soon as your balance exceeds $50, you will get payment. In addition, we fee a $4 examine processing fee.

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Please make certain to get in all Bite formation transactions right into your computer system together non-taxable sales. We space responsible because that paying the sales tax due to the fact that we acquisition the food from your restaurant and resell it to our customers. You have the right to download ours "Resale Certificate" top top Merchant Panel.

We additionally collect any added food-related taxes, if applicable (dependent on restaurant’s state and location).In Virginia, these taxes room remitted ago to the restaurant because that filing. In Arkansas, south Carolina and North Carolina, this taxes are remitted straight to the proper taxing authority.If you require documentation from us confirming the collection and also remittance of these taxes, you re welcome request indigenous Bsq-support