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While their father can be famed for establishing Microsoft, business man reported that the Gates children had a "cap on screen time" farming up. Gates also wasn't enabled to very own a phone till she to be 14.

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Gates and her brothers attended she father's alma mater, Seattle's exclusive Lakeside High School.


Gates graduated from Stanford university in 2018 v a level in human biology and also took a year off to focus on her equestrian passion prior to going to medical school. She told Sidelines Magazine she childhood pediatrician motivated her to go after medicine.


She's an completed equestrian and has been riding because she to be 6. Among her favorite horses is called Alex. "He is super sweet, down-to-earth, easy-going, yet you can likewise go fast and have a the majority of confidence, so ns am really excited around him," she told us Equestrian in November 2017.

To assistance her passion, Gates' father collection about buying residential or commercial property in Wellington, Florida, a warm spot for wealthy equestrians. The Miami Herald reported he reduce $37 million come buy a whole string of properties near Laurene Powell Jobs' estate.

Gates has competed against Eve Jobs, as well as other famous show jumpers born come celebrities and also high-profile figures, like Michael Bloomberg's daughter Georgina, Bruce Springsteen's daughter Jessica, and also Steven Spielberg's daughter Destry.

While she to be a college student at Stanford, entrances told the steed Network that balancing school and horseback talk made her life "a small busy, however I love act both."

Beyond she education and also her horseback riding, Gates likewise makes time to travel. Her Instagram highlights previous trips to Kuwait, Spain, Australia, and other interesting places.

Bill gates is identified for his youngsters to build their own paths in life. In 2011, that told The day-to-day Mail that his kids would each gain a "minuscule portion" of his wealth, which Forbes estimates stands at $130.5 billion. "It will median they have to find their very own way," the said.

Bill gates participates in a media availability on agricultural research, Thursday, march 13, 2014. Susan Walsh/AP

Source: The daily Mail, CNBC, Forbes

Gates is enrolled at mount Sinai's Icahn institution of Medicine. She simply finished her an initial year remotely. Gates told The Chronicle of the horse in in march that every one of her medical-school classes had actually been temporarily moved online due to the fact that of the coronavirus.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty images

Source: ET, new York Post, Instagram, The Chronicle of the Horse

The brand-new York short article reported that in 2017, she parents purchase a $5 million condo that's just blocks native her medical school.

In January 2020, gateways announced her engagement to the renowned Egyptian equestrian Nayel Nassar. Nassar also attended Stanford University. "I can't wait to invest the remainder of our lives learning, growing, laughing, and also loving together," she wrote on Instagram in ~ the time.

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Gates and also Nassar room both riders for Paris Panthers, a show-jumping team started by Gates, who additionally manages the team. In 2019, lock competed and placed nine in the global Champions League.

Like she parents, entrances has likewise expressed an interest in using her privilege to assist others. "I was born right into a large situation the privilege," gateways recently said Sidelines newspaper in an interview for the publication's July issue, "and ns think it's around using those opportunities and learning native them to discover things the I'm passionate around and hopefully do the civilization a small bit of a far better place."

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