Bill Cosby reportedly had harsh indigenous on Thursday for the prosecutor in his sexual attack trial, together the ar attorney driven to have Cosby’s bail revoked complying with his conviction for drugging and molesting Andrea Constand.

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According come multiple news outlets, Cosby’s outburst come as Kevin Steele, the ar attorney because that Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, argued that the 80-year-old entertainer might be a trip risk due to the fact that he own a private aircraft and can travel “any place.”

At that point, Cosby yelled, “He doesn’t have a plane, girlfriend a——!” Journalists Jim Melwert and also Stephanie Wash, along with NBC News, recounted the scene on Twitter.

“I’m sick of it, girlfriend a——!” Cosby added, NBC reports. However, follow to the connected Press, Cosby said, “I’m sick of him,” seemingly introduce to Steele. Various other journalists current have said it was hard to do out all of his remarks.

Following a 12-day trial, Montgomery county jurors deliberated for about 14 hrs over two days prior to handing under their guilty verdict.




Cosby to be convicted on 3 charges in connection with sexually assaulting Constand in January 2004 in ~ his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, mansion, once she worked at temple University. He had been tried critical year top top those exact same accusations however that jury fail to with a verdict, ending in a mistrial.

Each counting of aggravated indecent attack — penetration with lack of consent, penetration when unconscious and also penetration ~ administrating one intoxicant — dead a prison sentence of 10 years.

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At trial, prosecutors portrayed Cosby as a serial sexual predator that deceived world with his persona together “America’s Dad,” while his defense has actually said that women have fabricated their accounts.