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Approximately 3 to 15 percent that babies space born weighing end 8 pounds 13 ounces (4000 g).

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The chances of having actually a more difficult delivery v injuries come both mom and also baby walk up through the baby’s weight. The opportunity of symptom is higher when the baby is over 9 lbs 15 ounces (4500 g), and the hazard is highest possible when the baby weighs over 11 pounds (5000 g). Working very closely with your physician can aid cope with and also prevent any possible complications.


Many things deserve to influence your baby's size. Sometimes the doctors perform not know the reason that a baby is big. But, her weight, health, and also genetics can all play a part. You have actually a higher chance of having a big baby if: 

You have had a big baby before. If you’ve already had a child that to be born large, your possibilities of having another one space higher.You are overweight before your pregnancy. you are much more likely to have a huge baby if you are overweight or obese prior to you end up being pregnant.You have actually been pregnant many times. the is not constantly the case, yet in general, the much more babies girlfriend have, the enlarge they tend to be.You are having actually a boy. Boys typically weigh a little an ext than girls, and also larger babies are often male.You are Hispanic or White. your ethnicity can have an affect on the size of your baby. Caucasian and also Hispanic mothers have tendency to have actually bigger babies than mothers from other backgrounds.You consume too countless processed carbohydrates. Studies have presented that eat high-glycemic carbohydrate foods can an outcome in excessive growth the the fetus, maternal load gain, and also a likelihood of occurring macrosomia.

Your medical professional will recognize the almost right size and also weight of her baby by: 

Going over your threat factors: Your doctor will review your family history, health and wellness history, pregnant history, present health, weight, and diet to find out if you can be at danger for macrosomia.Feeling her abdomen: The doctor or midwife will relocate her hands follow me your ship to feel the baby’s size and position.

Your danger factors, the dimensions of your belly and amniotic fluid, and the ultrasound space all clues. On your own, they cannot tell you how large your baby will certainly really be. But, through gathering every this information and also looking at it together, the doctor can obtain a good idea of her baby’s general size. 

To prevent complications from fetal macrosomia, your physician will:

You deserve to do your part by: 

Preparing for pregnant by see your physician for preconception adviceWorking to acquire to a healthy pre-pregnancy weightGetting every the bloodwork and also prenatal testing your physician ordersStaying within the encourage guidelines for weight gain during pregnancyEating healthy, well-balanced meals

Treatment and Delivery

When a doctor suspects a infant is large, there really isn’t any type of treatment. Over there is preparation.

Your physician will desire to have actually as much details as feasible about her baby’s estimated size, weight, and health so they can setup for a safe delivery. Girlfriend can likewise prepare by learning as much as girlfriend can about having a large baby therefore you deserve to work through the medical professional to do the ideal decisions because that you and also your child.

Your doctor need to take the moment to speak to you and also answer all your questions around delivering vaginally or by cesarean ar depending on:

The estimated size of her babyThe dimension of her pelvisYour baby’s gestational ageYour pregnant historyYour current situation and physical healthThe dangers to you and your baby 

If the signs allude to a big baby, the doesn’t automatically mean you need to have a C-section. You might still it is in able to try for a vaginal birth.

The doctor will also take into factor to consider the size and shape of your pelvis, the baby"s position in the birth canal, your health, and also the baby"s health.

Cesarean section

A C-section may be necessary if over there are concerns for your security or the safety and security of her baby. Your physician will introduce it if the baby might be larger than 11 pounds (5000 grams) or you have actually diabetes and the baby"s estimated weight is much more than 9 pounds 15 ounces (4500 grams).

Induction of job

Your physician does not have to induce your labor early on if you’re transporting a huge baby. At an early stage induction of job doesn’t necessarily prevent complications or birth injuries. However, her doctor can want to acquire your labor began if you are a week or two previous your early date.


In general, symptom from transporting a big baby are rare, even if her baby is in the 8 to 9-pound range.

The dangers of macrosomia for the baby are: 

The risks of delivering a huge baby for moms are:

Difficult labor v the use of vacuum or forcepsUterine ruptureStress incontinence (leaking urine as soon as you sneeze, laugh, or jump)Death, although the is really rare to die from symptom of carrying a large baby

A normal vaginal delivery and also a fast recovery are constantly possible, also with a large baby.

You should:

Try to get sufficient rest.Ask for assist while you recover.Go to all her follow increase appointments.See any added doctors you have to see, specifically if you have actually diabetes.Take your time and also don’t overdo it.

A Word indigenous Verywell

It is regular to worry about the size of your baby together you get closer to your due date. The believed of carrying a huge baby or needing a C-section could make girlfriend nervous. But, remember, approximates of your baby’s size aren’t constantly accurate, and your due date can be off, too. Countless moms who space expecting a large baby space surprised to find that your baby’s birthweight is within the average variety when the nurse place the baby on the scale.

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Even if your baby is big, you and also your doctor have the right to manage and plan because that the delivery. With great information, care, and monitoring, most big babies are born safely and also without serious, long-term complications.