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“Bernie Logic: Nobody have the right to live on $7 one hour. We have to raise the minimum fairy to $15 an hour. Additionally we must raise the tax price to 52%. $15 one hour * 52% = $7.80. $15 an hour - $7.80 = $7.20. $7.20 one hour!!!”


Sanders supports raising the commonwealth minimum fairy to $15 one hour.

But that doesn’t propose raising the earnings tax price to 52% for low-wage earners.

Sanders’ setup raises the tax price to 52% because that only income earned over $10 million.

Let’s be clear. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., desires to raise tax prices on rich Americans. And he desires to advanced the commonwealth minimum wage to $15 one hour (and pay because that universal health care, among other things).

But Sanders isn’t proposing vast tax rises on low-wage employees to do the math work.

A Facebook article on "Bernie logic," gets the details wrong.

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"Bernie Logic," the write-up reads.

"Nobody deserve to live on $7 an hour. We should raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Additionally we need to raise the tax rate to 52%. 

"$15 one hour * 52% = $7.80. $15 an hour - $7.80 = $7.20. 

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