Former aides to Sen. Bernie Sanders
Bernie SandersPressure grows for breakthrough in Biden agenda speak Sanders, Manchin escalate fight over .5T spending invoice Sanders blames media because that Americans not discovering details that Biden security plan more (I-Vt.) changed the surname of a recently created super PAC originally named for the former presidential candidate’s project slogan, “A future to think in,” after ~ Sanders complained about it.

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The super PAC, originally called Future to believe In PAC, was formed late critical month by former aides come Sanders, consisting of Jeff Weaver, the project manager because that Sanders’s 2016 presidential bid and a senior adviser come his 2020 run. 

Paperwork filed through the commonwealth Election board of directors (FEC) on Tuesday, however, adjusted the name of the team to America’s Promise PAC.

Sanders to be frustrated v the development of the supervisor PAC, and also its founders changed the name to avoid the appearance that it is tied come the vermont senator, a former aide evidenced to The Hill. 

Sanders’s frustration with the at sight PAC and its subsequent name change was an initial reported top top Thursday by vice News. 

“We want to be together clear as possible that over there is no association in between the PAC and also the senator,” Weaver told Vice News.

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Sanders has actually long railed against the influence of money in politics and the existence of super PACs, teams that deserve to raise and spend unlimited quantities of money but are not allowed to coordinate v a candidate. 

But ~ Sanders suspended his project for the autonomous presidential nomination last month, a grasp of previous aides and advisers went to work producing a at sight PAC come support previous Vice chairman Joe Biden

Joe BidenManchin lays down demands for boy tax credit: report Abrams targets black color churchgoers during project stops for McAuliffe in Virginia Pentagon, State room square turn off on Afghanistan accountability MORE, the party’s presumptive nominee. 

It was clear native the beginning, however, that the team did not have Sanders’s blessing. A push release announcing the group’s development late last month noted that the at sight PAC, at the time still dubbed Future to believe In PAC, “is not connected with Bernie 2020 or the city council in any kind of capacity.” and the team does not have accessibility to Sanders’s email list. 

A grasp of progressives have established super PACs in current weeks, including Justice Democrats, the group aligned with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-CortezSinema"s no Manchin, no McCain and also no maverick Ocasio-Cortez goes at home skydiving because that her birthday Democrats fret as longshot candidates pull money, attention much more (D-N.Y.), which filed paperwork through the FEC earlier this month to type a hybrid political action committee similar to a super PAC. 

Likewise, lining Rocha, a former senior adviser to Sanders’s presidential project who is likewise involved through America’s Promise PAC, formed Nuestro PAC critical month to occupational on Latino voter turnout efforts. Rocha has actually said the Nuestro PAC won’t expropriate donations native corporations or their executives.