Who is Bart Millard?, Bart Millard Biography and also Wiki

Bart Millard born Bart Marshall Millard born top top December 1, 1972, is one American singer and songwriter who is widely recognized as the leader of the modern Christian music tape MercyMe. Millard has additionally done two solo albums: Hymned, Number 1 in 2005, and also Hymned Again in 2008. With the Album, he got a solo Grammy nomination in the group of ideal Southern, Country, or Bluegrass Gospel Album because that the critical album.

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MercyMe Bart Millard Height, Bart Millard weight Loss

Before and after load loss photograph posted on Bart’s Twitter feed.

Millard is a guy of typical stature, he additionally appears to be rather tall in stature in his photos. The stands at a height of 1.88 m. Through surgery, he regulated to shed 122 pounds after i m sorry he was exposed come pre-surgery medical problems including; Sleep apnea, kind 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, the beginning of congestive heart failure, and a family history early mortality due to comparable co-morbidities.

MercyMe Bart Millard Age and also Birthday

Millard to be born top top December 1, 1972, in Greenville, Texas, the United states of America. The is 47 year old as of 2019, he likewise celebrates his birthday on first Dec. Every year.

Bart Millard Family, Parents, and Siblings

Millard to be born come parents; Arthur Wesley Millard Jr. And Adele Millard, he has an older brothers (Stephen) born five years previously than him, Bart defines his father together fatally abusive. In ‘I can Only Imagine,’ Millards’ father was identified as when whipping his younger son so brutally v a razor leash and also paddle the the boy thought he was going to die.

Bart as a baby in 1973 with his father, then 30, and his brother, Stephen, climate 4. | Photo

Bart ultimately forgave and united with his dad, stop his father’s hand when he passed away of cancer on Nov. 11, 1991. Bart was 19 years old as soon as his father passed away.

Millard supplied to idolize his large brother while growing up. Even much more so due to the fact that he constantly defended him as a small brother, particularly when their father acquired furious.

Stephen and also Bart had actually a normal, loving bond together kids, finish with wedgies and also fighting and punching each various other in the shoulder. As they became grown-ups, Stephen started working at a factory in Dallas and establishing his very own family.

Bart Millard Wife, Bart Millard Kids

Millard is a married man, the is happy married come his mam Shannon through whom they have actually five youngsters together; Sam, Gracie, Charlie, Sophie, and Miles.

Millard, earlier right, with his family. Left to right, former row: Charlie (11), miles (6), Sophie (9), and also his wife, Shannon. Left come right, earlier row: Sam (16), Gracie (13), and Millard (Photo as of 2018)

Bart Millard Measurements and also Facts

Here are some exciting facts and body measurements you should know about MercyMe command singer Bart.

Full Name: Bart Marshall MillardAlso known As Bart MillardAge: 47 years (2019)Date the Birth: December 1, 1972Place of Birth: Greenville, Texas, the United states of AmericaBirthday: December 1Nationality: AmericanEducation‎: To it is in updated
Bart Millard Father: Arthur Wesley Millard Jr.Bart Millard Mom: Adele MillardSiblings: Stephen MillardSpouse: Shannon MillardChildren: 5Height: 1.88 mWeight: ModerateProfession: SingerBand: MercyMeAssociated Singers: Robby Shaffer, Nathan Cochran, Michael Scheuchzer, and also Barry GrauKnown For: MercyMe member, I deserve to Only ImagineNet Worth: $5 million (2020)

MercyMe Bart Millard MercyMe, Career

While in high school, Millard aspired to come to be a skilled football player, a dream which ceased to exist as soon as he wounded both ankles at a high college football tournament. As an option, Millard join choir as an elective. His father, Arthur Wesley Millard Jr., passed away of cancer on Nov. 11, 1991, throughout Bart’s very first year the college, his youth pastor asked for him to serve with the church’s youth group worship band.

Millard took the opportunity and operated together the video clip and sound engineer for the group. James (Jim) Bryson offered to pat the piano together a band member of the church, he later went on come play through Millard and the praise band ~ above a tourism to Switzerland. This tour urged Millard to shot a full time musical career.

Millard through two the his friends, Michael john Scheuchzer and James Phillip Bryson moved to Oklahoma City and also began MercyMe. Because it’s inception, the band has actually recorded 6 independent albums, two exclusive albums, nine studio albums, two Christmas albums, and one compilation album.

Millard make a commitment to his grandmother come write and also record a hymns album for her to listen prior to she died, which he faithfully honored with Hymned No. 1, and he climate told the story of exactly how he was motivated by his grandmother’s faith. Millard videotaped the 2nd of his two hymn albums since he realized that the church he supplied to to visit did no sing hymns, and he desired his children to prosper up in the knowledge of hymns.

Millard declared that his father profoundly inspired him in his musical course with respect to the hymns albums, illustration especially top top Willie Nelson and Louie Prima. The told that these effects would not be pertinent for MercyMe, together MercyMe is comparable to Coldplay, while this hymned initiatives are much more in the layout of frank Sinatra.

Millard proclaimed that he began his solo effort in bespeak to offer expression to musical layouts that would not have been fit through MercyMe. He likewise told that they sang a Hank Williams song called “I experienced the Light” in his church farming up.

The title of Hymned Again is a “tongue-in-cheek” connecting come the very first album. His debut album was an effort to make songs that he did not especially care about, and the 2nd album was produced to obtain a Kansas City swing/shuffle atmosphere in the layout of Louie Prima, bother Connick Jr., and also Jamie Cullum, i m sorry is what to be accomplished.

According come Greer, this album was an extremely implicative that She by Connick, which was made 5 or six times follow to Millard. That told the he accomplished this by listening to a heap of albums by these composers. He also told the song on the album Hymned Again were in the heritage of the great Revival era musically, but that the was not done on purpose.

Millard stated that the only original song on the album, labeling “Jesus Cares because that Me”, to be composed exclusively by Thad Cockrell, a track which according to the musician “could’ve been written 50, 60 year ago.” Millard tensely invite Vince Gill to participate on the album. ~ above the object of another “Hymned” effort, Millard replied, “Man, i hope so.”

Millard is starred as a singer on “I view Love,” a 2004 tune by 3rd Day and also Steven Curtis Chapman. The is likewise starred as a backing singer ~ above Phil Wickham’s 2009 track “Safe.”

Millard of MercyMe v his wife, Shannon

Bart Millard I can Only Imagine

I can Only Imagine is both a song by MercyMe and a real story movie through Bart the command vocalist that the band. The track was exit in 1999 in the album licensed has been granted The worship Project. The movie is based upon the life story of Bart. It was released in mid-2018.

MercyMe existing members

Bart Millard – vocals (1994–present)

MercyMe former members

James Phillip “Jim” Bryson – key-boards (1994–2014)Trent Austin – north (1994–1997)Kendall Combes – bass guitar and also backing vocals (1994–1998)

MercyMe Bart Millard net Worth

Millard has appreciated a long career in the music industry spanning practically two decades. V proceeds indigenous his work as a musician, he has actually been able to accumulate a modest fortune. Millard that MercyMe is approximated to have a net worth of around $5 million together of 2020.

Bart Millard Songs

(NB-Songs Done through MercyMe, and also not all the songs)

I have the right to Only Imagine – 1999 also If – 2017 Happy run – 2017 Lord ns Lift her Name on High – 1996 Grace obtained You – 2017 practically Home – 2019 dear Younger Me – 2014

word of God Speak – 2002 The Love that God – 2002 best News ever before – 2017 hurry Up and Wait – 2020 flawless – 2014 greater – 2014 carry the Rain – 2006 stand Up, stand up for Jesus – 2008

Frequently asked Questions around Bart Millard

How old is Bart Millard?

He is one American nationwide born top top 1 December 1972. Bart is 47 year old together of 2019.

How did Bart Millard shed weight?

Bart walk an RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery, he shed over 100 pounds.

What occurred to Bart Millard’s Mom?

Bart’s parental divorced in genuine life when he was just three year old. Bart told the his mother constantly said, “I married a teddy bear yet went house with a monster.” Later, his mother made decision to relocate away with her third husband.

Why to be Bart Millard’s brother not in the movie?

Stephen lashed the end Bart, blaming his younger brothers of exaggerating your father’s abuse come sell much more tickets because that I can Only Imagine.

Is Bart Millard an only child?/ does Bart Millard have actually siblings?

No, he has actually an enlarge brother referred to as Stephen.

How old to be Bart Millard as soon as his dad died?

He was 19 year old when his father yielded to cancer on Nov. 11, 1991. Along with his brother, Stephen was roughly his bed once he died.

Did Amy Grant carry Bart on stage?/ go Amy provide really help MercyMe?

Yes, ago in the beforehand 2000s, once MercyMe’s tune ‘I can Only Imagine’ started going viral, Amy Grant also recorded it for she hymns project. When performing in ~ Gospel Music Week, she and also Vince Gill requested Bart Millard to join them ~ above the stage to sing it along with them.

Amy to be originally given the civil liberties to release “I deserve to Only Imagine” together a single, she gave the rights back to MercyMe in 2001. She later on recorded her very own version of “I deserve to Only Imagine” in 2002.

Did Bart Millard ever find his mom?

Well, her mommy divorced his father after he became wild, Bart has actually kept a healthy attach with her mom ever before since.

How lot is Bart Millard worth?

Bart has an estimated net precious of $5 million, many of his monies come indigenous his career together a singer and from his genuine story movie, I can only imagine.

Where does Bart Millard live now?

His precise location has actually not been posted however he lives with his mam Shannon Millard and their five children.

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