President Donald trump stands v his boy Barron Trump inside of the inaugural parade reviewing was standing in former of the White House. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Twitter lit up with off-color jokes and also memes throughout inauguration weekend, but there to be one topic that really sent out social media into a frenzy: Barron Trump.

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President Trump’s 10-year-old child attracted a most attention Friday as soon as he showed up on TV, frequently recorded on camera as he sat behind his dad at the inauguration ceremony at the U.S Capitol. Some Twitter users inserted him in unflattering memes; other users immediately took such jokes come task, considering they connected a child who no ask to it is in in the spotlight, and children in the very first family are an alleged to be off-limits.

There was a an especially harsh reaction toward those in the to chat industry. ~ above Friday afternoon, “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie rich tweeted the “Barron will be this country’s an initial homeschool shooter.” It instantly triggered a overwhelming of upset tweets. Rich, one improv comedian who has actually written for NBC’s SNL since December 2013 once she to be hired to job-related on “Weekend Update,” deleted her account after the backlash. Almost 79,000 civilization signed a petition for her to it is in fired.

President Trump, very first lady Melania Trump and the remainder of the family wave to supporters during their inauguration parade. (The Washington Post)

Rich has actually been suspended unlimited from SNL in the wake of the tweet, follow to a person familiar with the situation. Monday afternoon, Rich revived her Twitter account and tweeted one apology, though all of her various other tweets have been deleted. “I sincerely apologize because that the insensitive tweet. I deeply remorse my action & offensive words. It to be inexcusable & ns so sorry,” she wrote.

SNL, that course, has actually a complicated relationship through Trump. Although creator Lorne Michaels invited him to host last year, the show has devoted many, numerous sketches come ridiculing Trump’s controversies during the campaign and after he was elected, and delivered serious takedowns, together well. In response, Trump typically tweets around how he find the sketch present — and Alec Baldwin’s impression of that — decidedly unfunny.

“Modern Family” star Julie Bowen (who appeared in Hillary Clinton’s “Fight Song” video clip last year) likewise received criticism Friday once she posted a collection of Instagram picture poking funny at Barron’s expressions throughout the inauguration.

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Donald trumped confirms that wife Melania and also son Barron will continue to be in brand-new York ~ the presidential inauguration

Hundreds that comments rolling in ~ above Bowen’s Instagram photos, plenty of of them slamming the actress for stating Barron in ~ all. Bowen tweeted a defense: “I love that Barron is a boy being a kid. My youngsters would it is in a horror present at a public event!” she wrote. “Just trying to save it light.”

On Tuesday, the White residence press office exit a statement, though it did no specifically point out Rich’s tweet: “It is a longstanding tradition that the children of Presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the politics spotlight. The White House completely expects this heritage to continue. We evaluate your cooperation in this matter.”

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