After mainly of hunting, gathering and trying on chic, affordable, curve-flattering clothing (just think that what we"ve forgive you!), us rounded up some an excellent finds in ten wardrobe-building categories.

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This fall floral dress from Evans ($120), a British add to label brand-new to the joined States, has a wrap-style bodice that gives 48-year-old Cindy Kuhn, one actress and vintage-clothing entrepreneur, a long, lean look.
Abby Z. Has actually head-turning jeweled necklines. ( offers high-end evening wear for brides, bridesmaids, and also "cocktail" events. ( because that stores)Evans, a sister firm of peak Shop, is a great source because that figure-friendly prints. ("s totally lined costume smooth lumps and bumps. ( News" jersey has extra spandex for a more comfortable fit. ( Harper offers well-cut jersey the doesn"t cling or bunch up. ( fx makes a sheath dress with a built-in power-liner regulate slip the slims. ( indigenous Zenobia has actually dependable office wear. (Saks 5th Avenue; 877-612-7257)Earrings, Kara Ross. Belt, Lai. Clutch, VBH. Shoes, Miu Miu.

"Most suits are like boxes," volunteer boy name Harper, 29, says. However not the handsome reduced of this denim-look jacket and pants (Rafaella, $100 and $78). "You deserve to see I have actually a figure!"
Calvin Klein can be counted on because that office basics. (Select Bloomingdale"s stores; 800-555-7467)Ellen Tracy is a resource for modern, ideal workwear. (Select Saks fifth Avenue stores; 877-612-7257)AK anne Klein is recognized for stylish work wear. (Macy"s; 800-622-9748 Kate Hill makes among our favorite occupational suits—a single-breasted jacket through a wide-legged trouser. (Lord and also Taylor; 800-223-7440) Rafaella carries updated standards that also work together separates. (Select Macy"s stores; 800-622-9748)Semantiks is valuable for fall suits, favor its stylish day-to-evening tweed pantsuit. ( Shell, Z indigenous Zenobia, $525. Watch, Cartier. Bangles, Coomi. Shoes, Banana Republic.
Jones brand-new York Collection makes a suit pant with prolonged tab closure that camouflages the elastic in the waistband. (Macy"s; 800-622-9748)INC International concepts offers flattering wide-legged trousers. ( by Ralph Lauren designs a win straight-legged silhouette. ( makes a superslimming "Magic Pant" that delivers ~ above its promise. (Select Saks fifth Avenue stores; 877-612-7257)Old Navy uses a wide an option at approachable prices. ( Has a great full-cut pant. (

Calvin Klein"s chic modernism is always flattering. (Select Bloomingdale"s stores; 800-555-7467)Gap"s reliable standards retain their shape after many washes. ( Bentley"s "Obi Sash Blouse" comes through a different belt to help define a waist. ( uses a version designed with a seam under the bust to create a flattering realm effect. ( Rinaldi is the perfect fit for high-fashion-minded shoppers. (866-362-9872 because that stores)Style&Co. From Macy"s, has gently priced shirts. ( shirt on Sage Salzer, 32, has actually pintuck seaming that adds a slimming vertical slant (Calvin Klein, $108). Coat and skirt ($550), Marina Rinaldi. Earrings, Charles Garnier. Watch, Emporio Armani. Tights, Hue. Boots, Cole Haan. 
Eileen Fisher supplies a smart new organic-cotton, dark-wash stretch jean. ( my Size renders a an excellent trouser jean v a very discreetly elasticized waistband in back. ( Bryant"s "Right Fit" denim trouser has a flattering large leg to balance out hips. ( her Daughter"s blue jeans " ship Tuck Jeans" have actually panels that suck you in and lift her rear. ( Premium Denim (select Nordstrom stores; 800-695-8000) and also Svoboda through Jessica Svoboda ( offer formats that space as up-to-the-minute as the trendiest labels.

Activist Linnet Caban-Brown, 26, looks slim in horizontal stripes since they segue from pale come dark.
Anna Scholz renders fashion-forward pieces choose a flexible drawstring anorak. ("s under coats lie how amazing flat. (Nordstrom; 800-695-8000)Lafayette 148 new York is a source for high-end sophistication. ( Bryant constantly has a wide selection of dependable options. ( Rinaldi dead beautiful day-to-evening suede. (866-362-9872 for stores)Newport News renders a cozy, reversible robe coat us love. ( has a good figure-flattering, single-breasted swing coat. (, top, and also skirt, Lafayette 148 brand-new York, $1,298, $198, and $228. Earrings, Melinda Maria. Bracelet, SuperOro because that Gold Expressions. Clutch, Ralph Lauren Collection. Tights, DKNY. Boots, Stuart Weitzman.
Bella Vita is a youthful line that—like every lines noted here—can accommodate broader feet. ( Magdesians is a fashionable resource for footwear that claims evening—think metallics and also faux skin—without high heels. ( Bryant has actually a standout selection of boots. ( Hommerson offers a range of fish eye boots in a versatile, neutral palette. (öfft has comfortable yet not frumpy low-heeled options. (
proper There has slimming camisoles. ( Wrap uses sleek, modern pieces, choose the tank top and bike shorts all-in-one garment. ( through Maidenform makes a high-rise control quick (useful now with low-rise jeans on the wane). ( combine old-fashioned lace with modern technology. ( has actually a tummy-targeting cincher the helps define the waist. ( Bien builds front panels into numerous of its piece for top-notch control. (
Chantelle offers silky soft, full-coverage bras. ( an option has a noteworthy variety of elegant colors. ( by Eveden renders supersexy bras and also matching panties. ("s Magic Lift options keep girlfriend in place without underwire. ( through Eveden is a favorite for no-line T-shirt bras. ( Mystère has a camisole with built-in underwire. (

Cultivating a healthy and balanced body image is important to Sage (she advises middle-school girls). A whirl of taffeta, sexy yet extended (Rickie Freeman for Teri Jon, $640), boosts her hourglass shape.

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Banana Republic: versatile not-so-basic basics. (Sizes 00 to 16, sizes XS come XL; Nolan: among our favorite high-end alternatives for office-to-evening style. (Sizes 2 come 16;"s: Travelers by Chico"s sports a wrinkle-resistant fabric. (Sizes 0 come 3.5, similar to 4 come 18; Hollis: Beautiful blouses and also other underpinnings in affluent colors. (Sizes 0 come 16, Gus Mayer, Birmingham, Alabama; 205-870-3300)The Limited: us love the gray pinstriped suit from the L3 travel Collection—it"s machine washable! (Sizes 0 to 18, size XS to XL; Freeman because that Teri Jon: Dramatic night dresses, choose their taffeta dress with a equipment waist. (Sizes 2 to 16, Neiman Marcus; 800-365-7989)Thomas Pink: well-known for tailored shirts. (Sizes 0 to 16;, Nordstrom decision Collection. Clutch, Rodo.