Any additional driver (excluding a spouse or residential partner) will certainly pay a daily fee.Renter’s spouse or residential partner who meet the very same age and also driver’s license needs of the renter are authorized chauffeurs at no additional charge. Any added authorized motorists must appear at time the rental and also meet age and driver’s patent requirements. Second charge of $15 every day for each additional authorized driver will certainly be included to the price of the rental, unless other contractual problems apply.In California, there is no added authorized driver charge. In new York state, the extr authorized driver charge is $5 every day.

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A spouse or residential partner is the just permitted extr driver ~ above a rental secured v a debit card.

Fees are also waived because that the following:

Rentals by Emerald society members once the member"s spouse, typical law spouse, or same-sex residential partner has actually the same attend to on the driver"s license as the Emerald society member and meets regular renter requirements.Rentals by Emerald club members when the member"s immediate family members member (mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister) has actually the same deal with on the driver"s license as the Emerald club member and meets regular renter requirements.Commercial (corporate) rentals as soon as the renter"s organization partner, employer or other associate, who has an assigned corporate contract with National and drives the auto for service purposes and also meet common renter requirements.Rentals for/by disabled renters that cannot journey (one extr driver fee will certainly be waived)

EMC numbers have the right to only be provided when the actual member is picking up the vehicle. EMC condition is no transferable and the reservation have to be booked in the customer"s name who will be choose up the vehicle and presenting the form of payment.

All other additional authorized driver situations are subject to a everyday charge.

An extr driver might only be added to the contract at a rental location and may be included or gotten rid of in the center of the contract. Once adding secondary driver in the middle of the contract both the renter and the added driver have to be present at the location.

The system will calculation the charges based on the days the extr driver was noted on the rental.

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All added drivers must:

Meet period requirementsAppear in ~ the rental counter with the main renterPresent a precious driver"s license

An extr daily fee may apply for any extr drivers detailed on the rental agreement.