The star obtained his well-deserved flowers this mother’s Day.

The " Love" singer’s name has actually recently end up being synonymous with an adverse press, due to his decision to reveal his previous relationship v Jada Pinkett-Smith. Nonetheless, us know, especially from our editorial detailing his career arc thus far, the the singer has also had a ton of bad luck these past couple of years, and also has had actually to navigate treacherous territory, the form that many of us wouldn" wish on ours worst enemy. 

If you" not approximately speed, Alsina took in his 3 nieces after ~ his sisters passed from cancer in December 2018. Her fatality was destructive for Alsina, he explained himself together " shattered" in ~ the news. The youngsters had now shed both parents, as their dad passed indigenous gun violence in 2010. 

Alsina himself, was likewise not in his ideal state in the years leading as much as his sister’s passing. Amid decreasing eyesight, battle with an autoimmune condition that left him unable to walk for a period of time, and recovery from medicine addiction, that still determined to take it the girl in.

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Alsina regulated to raise the three girls follow to the heartfelt article from his oldest niece on her Instagram story. Chaylin added the track “Prettiest Girl” through Tamar Braxton come play in the background of she post, starting at the lyrics, " wanna say give thanks to you for making me feel like I" the prettiest girl in the world."

In an respectable 2020 interview with People, Alsina said of his girls, "" excited to check out life unfold for them, and I desire to be as existing as ns possibly have the right to within their life while still gift able to present them what it looks choose to have actually a career."

View his niece" society media article below. Social media responded with love and support for Alsina and all that he does because that his nieces. 


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GRAM respectable Alsina’s Niece shows Him Love top top Mother's Day: " Ever"

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August Alsina’s Niece mirrors Him Love top top Mother's Day: " Ever"
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