People often use this expression come describe human being having an argument, especially when neither next is ready to compromise.

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Origin of At Loggerheads

This expression an initial appeared around the 1670s. The specific origin is unclear. However, loggerhead, on its own, have the right to mean stupid person. That is additionally the name of a kind of turtle. It may additionally come from logs, in the feeling of timber from trees.

However, most sources believe that a fourth definition is the many likely, i m sorry is the of an stole tool. That is possible that two civilization at loggerheads conjured picture of two civilization fighting through these steel tools.

Examples of At Loggerheads

Here is an example of a teacher making use of the expression in a mathematics class.

Teacher: Okay, I understand some of friend cheated ~ above the critical test. I likewise have i found it that many of you are upset at my punishment, come fail the whole class if nobody admits come cheating.

Student: It’s no fair because that you to punishment the non-cheaters along with the cheaters!

Teacher: Well, you obtained lucky due to the fact that the principal and I were at loggerheads over this concern for a lengthy time, yet he finally persuaded me not to punish the totality class.

In this example, two friends room coming ago home indigenous a party and are arguing about something that taken place while there.

Monica: I want you come be honest with me.

Janice: of course! those wrong?

Monica: i think girlfriend spilled her wine ~ above me on objective in order come embarrass me, so that you would look better than me.

Janice: how rude! ns would never do that!

Monica: Listen, ns don’t want united state to be at loggerheads end this. In other words, i don’t want to fight around who started this. I just want you to apologize for this reason we can move on.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an article around the Pope’s visit come Colombia.

The 2nd excerpt is native an article about the governor signing receipt on guns.

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The phrase at loggerheads is an old expression that way having one argument, particularly an debate in i beg your pardon both sides are persuaded they space right and are each unwilling come bend.


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