This idiom can also be used to mean when a person an initial begins to think about something, as in “at very first thought,” or “at an initial consideration.”

Interestingly, in the past, this expression may not have qualified as an idiom in ~ all.

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Nowadays, blush is a verb used for the face turning red. However, in the past, blush had actually a an additional meaning, “to watch or glance.” This meaning is now obsolete, v the exception of this expression.

Origin the At first Blush

The word blush originated approximately the year 1300 in center English and also came indigenous the Old English native blyscan.

The origin of the complete idiom at an initial blush in unknown. However, the earliest composed record available to see online is in william Spurstowe’s The Wells the Salvation Opened, native the year 1655.

Examples of At first Blush

This idiom have the right to be offered to describe someone’s initial thoughts of how something appears visually, as it go in the instance below, in i beg your pardon a real estate agent and also his client speak about a house.

Real legacy agent: i think you’re really going to love this following place. At an initial blush, it doesn’t look choose anything special. It’s no that big and it’s no that well preserved up.

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Client: those its redeeming feature?

Real heritage agent: you will do it see when you’re inside. It’s acquired real character!

In the instance below, 2 friends are discussing their love lives. In this case, the expression is provided to describe a an initial impression.

Luis: Hey. Exactly how did your blind day go?

Stephanie: Well, at very first blush, that seemed favor a yes, really nice guy. However, after an hour of talking to him, i realized he was an extremely self-centered and also condescending. That didn’t also tip the waiter!

More Examples


At an initial blush is provided to describe how something an initial looked, or exactly how something appeared when very first thought about. It is similar to saying “at very first glance.”


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