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Nothing's really ever before perfect, right? also foods the are great for her diet and also your health and wellness (often referred to as "superfoods") can cause things to take place in your body that space a small weird or uncomfortable. 

Most that the articles, news stories, and books that are written about superfoods incorporate glowing account of their nutritional value and also potential health benefits. Those room all actual and good things, the course.

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But over there are likewise some feasible unusual side effects you might encounter once you consume large amounts of few of these foods. These side results are harmless, however they might make girlfriend a tiny nervous, or even scare you if you're no expecting them to happen.

Asparagus urine

Asparagus contains sulfurous chemical compounds that give your pee an unusual odor. That doesn't happen to everyone, yet it's relatively common. It wake up quickly, too.

If you've eaten asparagus and you haven't smelled miscellaneous funny as soon as you pee, you're one of the happy ones the doesn't reaction to aparagus.

Aside native the unusual odor, asparagus is good for you. It"s short in calories, high in fiber, iron, folate, and vitamins A and also C. It"s even possible the compounds in asparagus can help your liver malfunction the byproducts of drinking too lot alcohol –as long as friend eat the asparagus before you go out drinking.

Green, irpari Poop

Spinach and kale room two fabulous superfoods since they"re rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and also a bunch of phytochemicals the may have health benefits. If girlfriend eat lots of them, you"ll likewise have green stool. It might be more common if your "transit time" is as well quick and also the greens aren"t spend properly.

It can scare friend the an initial time you notification it, but it's rare for green poop to be because of any type of health and wellness issue. It's the various other colors you might need to issue about.

Red beet Pee

Yeah, I understand there's type of one excretory design template here. If you eat a healthy and balanced helping of beets, girlfriend might notification red or pink urine after that that job or the next. That deserve to be horrifying because it looks favor blood, and also peeing blood is never ever a an excellent thing.

Red sugar beet pee is harmless, and also it actually has an official name: beeturia, which i think sounds choose a an excellent name for a Pokemon. Red pee isn't a reason to provide up top top beets. They're low in calories, high in vitamins and also fiber, plus some of those red colours may have some health benefits.

Garlic body Odor

Garlic makes nearly all the superfood lists, and also there"s a ton of study on its health benefits. the can help reduce cholesterol and assist in controlling high blood pressure. Some people think it helps stop several develops of cancer as well.

The thing is, if girlfriend eat lots of garlic (or take some garlic supplements), you're most likely going to experience from garlic-induced human body odor. It's probably as result of your body's reaction come allicin, the active chemical found in garlic.

Carrot Skin

Carrots space rich in carotenes, which space substances concerned vitamin A. They're discovered in the orange pigments and are great for you, but, if friend eat lots and also lots of carrots, friend can build a yellowish or orange cast to her skin. It's greatly noticeable on the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands.

If you"ve ever seen "sunless tan pills," They"re probably just high dosage beta-carotene pills. Friend won"t gain tan;you"ll turn orange. Official this condition is referred to as carotenemia, and also it"s most typical in children due to the fact that they"re tiny (don"t worry, it"s harmless).

I guess i could also give an honorable point out to legumes and also cruciferous vegetables favor broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and also cauliflower. They're all an excellent for you, yet their high-fiber contents can also lead to potential bouts that flatulence.

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A Word from Verywell

None of these side impacts are dangerous, but they deserve to make girlfriend (or in the case of eating lots of garlic, anyone sitting close come you) feel uncomfortable. But fear not, they're all perfectly common reactions to these foods. Friend can include any of these foods items as part of a healthy, balanced diet.