On her very own timeline. Ashley Tisdale obtained candid around her journey to starting a family members with husband Christopher French soon after confirming that she is pregnant with their first child.

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“I’M PREGNANT!!!! Wow, that feels so great to ultimately share this news through you guys! Where perform I also begin?” the High institution Musical star, 35, created in a vulnerable note post to her blog, Frenshe, top top Friday, September 18. “For year it has been the inquiry from everyone due to the fact that I acquired married. In ~ first, ns rebelled versus it, and like clockwork, after i got involved EVERYONE (and I mean everyone!) asked when I was gaining married. Then, as soon as I was married, anyone was asking once I was having actually kids. To be honest, it just felt invasive.”

Tisdale and her husband, 38, bound the node in September 2014 after meeting through common friends 2 years earlier. The Disney alum admitted that she “wasn’t ready” to it is in a parent best away and also wanted to enjoy her time as a newlywed for as lengthy as possible.


“I want to be selfish and have kris all come myself for a while. Honestly, ns wouldn’t have had it any kind of other way,” she wrote. “As you know, going v my mental wellness journey, that wouldn’t have actually been the right timing for such a huge life change. I’m no naive around how a baby transforms everything, as I have a niece and plenty the friends with kids. Ns glad I functioned on myself before we determined to do this decision.”

The new Jersey native has talked openly around her struggle with stress after farming up in the public eye and also thinks her pregnancy came at simply the appropriate time.

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“After six years of marriage, we constructed a strong foundation,” she stated of herself and French. “I provided it to God and the universe and also honestly didn’t feeling stressed around it and then the happened very quickly. I’ve had my highs and lows throughout quarantine and have come say ns so thankful for this gift.”


On Thursday, September 17, Tisdale debuted her growing baby bang in one Instagram slideshow and also received loving messages from well known friends Vanessa Hudgens, Lea Michele and Haylie Duff. Though she’s thrilled to be on this journey through her husband by she side, the “He claimed She Said” singer admitted that it “hasn’t been an easy trimester” for this reason far.

“I definitely fall somewhere in the center where i didn’t just have actually nausea, however threw up a couple of times and also felt choose I’ve had stomach flu for 3 months,” she composed on Friday. “I’m excited about this brand-new adventure, and I’m being really optimistic through every step. … Chris and I room so excited and also are totally embracing and celebrating this monumental moment. Ns love girlfriend guys and also I’m so excited to have you part of this ride!”

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