Ashley Judd has an illustrious IMDb profile, having featured in movies such together "Double Jeopardy," "Where The love Is," "Heat," and also "A Time to Kill," but she"s additionally made a name for herself as a political activist, humanitarian, and wildlife ambassador.

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In 2017, she was among the first to speak out against Harvey Weinstein as part of the #MeToo movement, follow to E! News. She additionally openly sustained Barack Obama, and in 2020, she showed up in a video to endorse democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, follow to The brand-new York Times. She Instagram file proudly proclaims that she is a "UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador" and "lover that the endangered, egalitarian bonobos."

With such a busy schedule, you may be wondering exactly how she balances she work and also family life, and the answer is, well, she doesn"t have to. In she memoir "All that Is Bitter and also Sweet," Judd reveals the she and her ex-husband Dario Franchitti were regularly asked even if it is she has children. "I commonly laugh and say, "No, we have pets," she wrote. "This is the reality — in our household, pets are full family members members — yet the whole story is far more complicated."

So, what is the genuine reason Ashley Judd doesn"t have any children? review on to uncover out.

Ashley Judd feeling it's selfish to have her own children when so plenty of need love

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From as young together 18 years old, Ashley Judd knew the didn"t desire to have any children of she own, follow to she memoir. "The truth is the I have actually chosen not to have actually children due to the fact that I believe the youngsters who are already here are really mine, too," she wrote. "I do not should go make "my own" babies as soon as there space so many orphaned or abandoned kids who require love, attention, time, and care."

She walk on to expose the details the an debate she"d had at a young age with a childhood friend, whereby she"d claimed that, "Folks through our awareness and capability to contribute should ... Emphasis on the children currently born and suffering so needlessly." She included that that is "selfish for us to pour our resources into making our "own" babies as soon as those very resources and also energy could not only help children already here, however through advocacy and service change the world into a place where no child ever needs to it is in born into poverty and abuse again."

Her memoir was created in 2011, however Judd maintains in the publication that her "belief has actually not changed. That is a large part of who I am."

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Despite no having any kids of her own, Ashley Judd feeling a an excellent deal that love for children, and wrote the "Over the years, I have quietly "adopted" many youngsters in America and in various parts of the worldwide South ... Sending money for health and wellness care, food, schooling, and also shelter in ways that are ideal for the places where lock live and also which boost their opportunities for far better lives."

In 2002, she was given the unique opportunity come "join simply the right project an opportunity to influence — past donations — the stays of millions of children and young people" she already considered her very own family. She became the global ambassador for YouthAIDS, the HIV/AIDS avoidance programs at population Services international (PSI), traveling roughly the world to represent the organization. "This seemed prefer an massive request, yet I was intrigued," she wrote. "What I might not yet know was the this ... Would certainly not just be a rich, life-changing education, however would also launch me ~ above the route toward my own healing."

Of course, her ability to take trip the people had come be put on host when Judd skilled a freak accident that damaged her foot in number of places. But she"s stated on Instagram in August the she"s walking again and also will hope be earlier at the again soon.

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In she memoir, Ashley Judd additionally described she close connection with her dogs, who she felt to be like children to her. She even dubbed her very first dog, buttermilk, the "great love" of she life. "I know Buttermilk far better than I have known any type of human, and also he surely to know me better than anyone. I speak to him my thighbone; us sleep together each other every night, with him positioned alongside my leg so the my hand rests top top him transparent the night," she wrote. 

Judd talked about how she and also Buttermilk "were inseparable indigenous the start," along with all the great qualities she pup possess. "He was forgiving and also patient for me together I struggled to discover the arts of raising a canine," she said. The her 2nd dog, Shug, she said, "little walk I recognize I had actually the capacity, the space, within of me come love that method again. Yet I did, and she increases my soul."

In 2019, Judd wrote a lovely tribute to she now-late dogs on Instagram. "I think of castle daily, dream about them often, and am so thankful for the 17 & 16 year God entrusted me through them. We traveled the world, hiked, and loved well. They were as at residence on collection as they to be in the wilderness. Special and unforgettable," she said. She has actually no posts featuring any other dogs, yet she is very clearly devoting a most her time to she charitable endeavours and also the underprivileged kids of the people that she care so much about.