In 2011, the Schwarzeneggers make headlines when Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the he had fathered a child with Mildred Baena, that was a member the the family"s family staff. At this point, Schwarzenegger"s wife, Maria Shriver, separation up through him. Additionally at this point, Schwarzenegger"s secret son, Joseph Baena, was only 13 year old. Now, Baena is 23, and also he was newly spotted hanging out through his older half-brother, actor Patrick Schwarzenegger.

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Paparazzi image of the two spending time with each other on Apr. 5 came as a surprise due to the fact that Patrick and also Baena hadn"t been seen together before. According to E! News, the 2 were functioning out with each other at the Santa Monica Stairs, together with Baena"s girlfriend. It"s unclear, of course, just how much the brothers had already bonded on their own prior to this particular meetup.

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Joseph Baena/Instagram

Even despite they"ve been v a lot, Baena and also his parents have solid relationships. Baena share photos that both of lock on social media.

"I love mine dad! us hang the end all the time!" Baena claimed in a 2019 interview with HollywoodLife. "He is a great father! That"s really all I have to say about him! we train together, we eat together. Us do many things together." the added, "He is a jokester! He can be intense sometimes. He knows how to acquire things done. If he demands to get things done, that is walk to gain things done. The is serious around his work and what that does."

For Mother"s day in 2020, he composed of his mommy on Instagram, "I LOVE mine MAMA! Happy Mother"s day to every the mother out there. Say thanks to you for always being our finest friends, our protectors and also our teachers! You all deserve the best on this one-of-a-kind day and every day."

At the moment of the HollywoodLife interview, Baena claimed that that wouldn"t talk around his half-siblings, of i beg your pardon he has actually four: Patrick, Katherine, Christina, and Christopher Schwarzenegger. But from those paparazzi photos, it"s evident that he in ~ least has actually a relationship with Patrick.

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