For years, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s life appeared charmed. A previous Mr. Universe winner and star the The Terminator franchise, Schwarzenegger do his luck in bodybuilding and also acting before transforming to politics.

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Born in Austria, the was chosen governor of California together a Republican in 2003. Schwarzenegger was likewise married come respected reporter Maria Shriver for 25 years. The couple had four children, and also they seemed to have beaten the odds as soon as it concerned marital happiness.

But climate a shocking revelation came out that shattered Schwarzenegger’s family and also his public image. He’d had an affair, which resulted in a son. The autumn from that choice reverberates also today.

How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair was discovered


Arnold Schwarzenegger | Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images

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According to E!, in 1997, Shriver to be pregnant with the couple’s youngest child. Yet what she didn’t recognize was that Mildred Baena, the family’s housekeeper, was likewise pregnant with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s baby. Reportedly, also Schwarzenegger didn’t realize that throughout his affair, he had actually fathered a child. Joseph Baena was born much less than a week after his half-brother Christopher Schwarzenegger.

Mildred Baena continued to work-related for the couple, and her child was frequently seen with her. No one thought anything the it at first, however as the years went by, the boy started to look much more and an ext like his father. The resemblance to be so impressive that Shriver couldn’t assist but notice. She faced Schwarzenegger, and also he confessed to the affair.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair ended his marriage to Maria Shriver

Congratulations Joseph! four years of tough work studying service at Pepperdine and also today is your huge day! You have actually earned every one of the celebration and also I’m therefore proud that you. Ns love you!

— Arnold (
Schwarzenegger) April 27, 2019

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US Weekly reports that Shriver filed because that divorce 2 months after finding out the affair. She released a explain saying, “This is a painful and heartbreaking time. As a mother, my issue is for the children. I ask because that compassion, respect, and also privacy together my children and also I try to rebuild our lives and heal.”

Schwarzenegger admitted his guilt, saying, “I understand and also deserve the feel of anger and also disappointment among my friends and also family. There space no excuses and also I take full responsibility for the pains I have actually caused. I have actually apologized come Maria, mine children, and my family. I am truly sorry.”

There to be no conserving the marriage, and the pair soon separated.

Does Joseph Baena have a relationship with his fifty percent siblings?

Happy birthday
KSchwarzenegger! You are a bright light in my world and also I to be so proud of you. The town hall you become a wonderful mother while continuing to it is in a force for an excellent with her writing and also work is just one of my best joys. I love you!

— Arnold (
Schwarzenegger) December 13, 2020

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Schwarzenegger took complete responsibility for his connection with his son, i m sorry is sadly not constantly the situation for celebrities and their children. He made an effort to construct a nearby bond through Baena, and also he often speaks about him publicly in glow terms, simply as the does with his other kids. Top top Instagram, Baena has shared images of himself and also Schwarzenegger working out together.

Baena, who freshly graduated from Pepperdine with a business degree, an in similar way speaks that his dad fondly.

Of course, Baena cannot be organized responsible for his parents’ actions. However it’s also understandable the his relationship with his fifty percent siblings is complicated. Together Entertainment this evening reported, Baena has actually been spotted in public through his fifty percent brother Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Baena did not attend fifty percent sister Katherine Schwarzenegger’s wedding to chris Pratt, yet he go congratulate she on Instagram. Schwarzenegger walk not recommendation Baena in one Instagram write-up celebrating national Siblings Day.

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Joseph Baena has actually a strong relationship through his father, visible to the public. However, any kind of relationship he has actually with his half siblings has stayed largely out of the public eye.