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ARLINGTON, Texas ( — The nationwide Weather service confirmed Wednesday the a tornado go touch under in Arlington, Texas Tuesday night, November 24.Three world were required to the hospital through minor injuries and also dozens of families have to be displaced.

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Severe storms relocated through north Texas Tuesday night, prompting serious weather warns in numerous counties.

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Chopper 11 was over the scene Wednesday morning to survey the damage. The national Weather company was supposed in the are later on in the morning to take it a look together well.

The area near Pioneer Parkway and Collins in Arlington got a most Damage. The Burger box in Arlington received major damage. Countless power lines and also trees were under in the area as well.

The damages is substantial at the Waterdance Apartments not far from the burger Box. Component of the roof of that structure was blown turn off of one building and also slammed right into the one next to it.




Many units at the complicated had doors and also windows damaged or destroyed.

Many residents said the storm captured them through surprise. “It was all over in 30 seconds,” said one resident. “It to be quick. I had actually just pulled up,” said another.

The Arlington Fire Department stated at the very least 75 families in at least three apartment complexes there to be displaced together of Wednesday morning.


Dallas, Tarrant and also Denton Counties were under tornado warnings for some time and also storm sirens were activated in number of of the impacted counties.

There was likewise damage in the 2500 block of S. Cooper Street where at the very least one building partially fell down onto a pickup.

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Patrick Harris was within the truck ordering hamburgers at the Burger box at the time. “At an initial it simply rained then every one of a sudden it just hit,” claimed Harris. He acquired out unharmed. “I climbed the end of the passenger side and also came back here come the parking lot,” stated Harris.

The Burger crate in Arlington Texas (Chopper 11)


The Burger box in Arlington Texas (Chopper 11)

Storm damages in Arlington. The Burger crate (credit: Jarod Jackson )

Safelite AutoGlass fix in Arlington received major damage. Native Chopper 11 it showed up that the roof to be torn off the building.

Safelite AutoGlass repair in Arlington received major damage. Indigenous Chopper 11 it appeared that the roof was torn off the building. (Chopper 11)

Storm damage at Arlington apartment complicated (CBS 11).

The American Red cross stated they to be assisting people influenced by the severe weather v emergency lodging and food. “Overnight, Red overcome volunteers started working through apartment management and also city public representative to recognize and carry out assistance for those affected,” Red cross officials claimed in an emailed statement to CBS 11.

Here is video clip from an apartment in phibìc Arlington that wind, rain and also sirens going off.

ArlingtonTxFire) November 25, 2020

The nationwide Weather business reported “significant damage” to at least 4 structures near SH 360 and also Park Row together well.

At 8:55 p.m. The nationwide Weather service reported the Krum Fire room measured a 65 mph wind gust close to the intersection of Highways 380 and also 156.

Much that the area obtained high winds and also heavy rain.

CBS 11’s J.D. Miles tweeted video clip of wind and storm warning sirens going turn off in Dallas.

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Storm warning sirens activated and wind choose up over imperial Lane and main Expressway in Dallas #CBS11wx

— J.D. Mile (
jdmiles11) November 25, 2020

The storms were moving at speed of approximately 50 miles per hour from the northwest come the southeast and also were supposed to be out of the area through 10:00 p.m.

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