Pre-health advising

You are encouraged to fulfill with a pre-health torture at least once a semester come discuss options for careers in medicine, opportunities to get relevant experience, stating the finest time come apply, preparation for the MCAT, the AMCAS application, and also much more. For more information, schedule an appointment with your advisor.

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Four-year plan


Maintain a solid GPA and focus on coursework. To be competitive, students generally maintain at least a 3.7 science and also overall GPA.Make one appointment v a pre-health advisor to present yourself and also attend the gendergeek.org Pre-Health Fair.Begin to get associated with clubs and also student organizations.Begin volunteering and also gaining clinical experience.




While preserving a high GPA, watch into opportunities for research, internships and also clinical experience.Gain clinical suffer from a practicing MD.Build relationships through professors and physicians together they may become letter authors (5 letter recommended).Attend pre-health meetings, events, and also the gendergeek.org Pre-Health Fair.Begin trying out MCAT preparation (studying and also registration).Meet v your pre-health advisor. 

Clinical experience



Study abroad

Leadership and community Service

Special programs

3rd Year clinical Student Mentoring regimen through Creighton University school of Medicine Mayo Clinic college of medication Summer clinical BrigadesAnatomy progressed Cadaver Dissection

Explore schools

Grade allude average

College year 3


Maintain a high GPA and also stay affiliated with campus clubs/organizations, volunteer opportunities, and also clinical experience.Calculate your science and also overall GPA to recognize your competitiveness.Begin one internship and start prepping for the MCAT (take the MCAT by feather of junior year).Apply v AMCAS one year front to when you setup to matriculate.The AMCAS application commonly opens around May and also you may submit in June.Medical colleges will then send supplementary applications.You send after her AMCAS. It is important that friend are mindful of deadlines and also complete the supplemental in a fashionable matter.


Prior come JanuaryBegin studying for MCAT and also take multiple exercise exams before the genuine exam.
JanuaryCalculate her science and also overall GPA to identify your competitiveness.
February-MarchBegin collecting letter of recommendation.
AprilTake the MCAT no later on than April
MayIf taking the MCAT in April, girlfriend will receive your scores in May. Identify schools to apply to, begin filling the end AMCAS
JuneSubmit AMCAS as quickly as possible. Medical schools commonly start receiving applications end of June.
July-DecemberYou might start receiving supplemental applications or be invite to interview throughout this time.

Medical university Admissions check (MCAT)

Prep courses and also practice exams

Register for test date

Score release dates (for plan backwards)

American medical College Application service (AMCAS)

Important dates and also deadlines

Fee aid program

AMCAS video overview

Review that AMCAS application available by the Pre-Health Office.

Texas Medical and Dental colleges Application business (TMDSAS)

Students using to medical schools in Texas will need to complete the TMDSAS

Personal statement

Review of your personal statement offered by Pre-Health Office.

Letters of referral (LOR)

Identify civilization who understand you well and also can firmly comment on your ability as a medical student and future physician. Ask in advancement and give your letter writers sufficient time to complete and also submit. Also, psychic to stay in touch with letter writers that you may also ask in the future!

gendergeek.org letter service

The Pre-Professional Advising Office uses a Letter that Recommendation service for students using to AMCAS, AACOMAS, or AADSAS (all other application solutions use their very own portal because that LOR). In most cases, letters are not forced to it is in submitted prior to you submitting your application but can be sent out at a later date. For steps and also information regarding the LOR Service, visit https://gendergeek.org/prepare.

Types of letters (five recommended)

Some institutions have certain requirements for this reason consult the MSAR

1 STEM faculty 1 MD 3 other (STEM faculty, non-STEM faculty, employer, advisor, supervisor, community mentor)

After you submit your AMCAS

After medical schools have actually received your primary AMCAS application, they might invite girlfriend to finish a second or supplemental application. Supplemental applications space sent between July and October and also usually have fees connected with them. It is essential that girlfriend complete and also submit supplemental applications as quickly as possible.

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Mock interviews

Mock Interviews are available by Pre-Health Office



Meet v pre-health torture to prepare for interviews.If wait provided or denied, check out post-bac options or think about taking a gap year.

MD and PhD programs

Post-bac programs

Pipeline program in Arizona

Residency roadmap

International students