The restaurant sector has been among the hardest hit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and restaurateurs have been forced to rethink their business models. For Applebee's, that way testing the end a new drive-thru window.

A franchise operator the the fast-casual restaurant in Texarkana, Texas has actually plans to install a drive-thru pickup home window — a an initial for the chain. Applebee's will look come this location as a test because that insights regarding whether future stores should be built with a drive-thru takeout design.

"We look front to assessing the performance of this installation, expertise feedback from our guests and operators, and any affect to company performance," Scott Gladstone, vice president of strategy and development at Applebee's Grill + Bar called Nation's Restaurant News. "If positive, we will identify whether pickup windows should be consisted of in our building style packages."

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According to Nation's Restaurant News, client at the check location can order online or via cell phone app and then pay online or at the pickup window. Patrons will be offered an approximated pick up time as soon as the bespeak is placed.

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Unlike plenty of other chains, Applebee's sales have actually climbed throughout the pandemic — mainly as result of the popularity of its to-go service. Sales native to-go and delivery solutions totaled 60.5% that Applebee's sales mix in the second quarter of last year.



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But Dine brand Inc., i m sorry is the parent firm of both Applebee's and also IHOP, has actually weathered financial hardship throughout the pandemic. In October, the agency announced that almost 100 locations of IHOP will certainly close throughout the U.S. Over the next six months. The breakfast chain right now operates 1,683 restaurants.

"We're confident us will eventually replace this severely under-performing restaurants with far better performing restaurants," Jay Johns, IHOP's president claimed on a call with investor on in October follow to Business Insider.

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The pandemic formerly forced plenty of IHOP locations to close previously this year, but due to the fact that mandates have actually become much more relaxed, a majority have reopened. Business Insider also report at the end of September that 167 places were operating as takeout only, while 91 have remained closed. The was likewise reported the sales in ~ underperforming places were down by 23.5% in the 3rd quarter.

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