If apologize Watch collection 4 or later detects a tough fall, it can help connect you come emergency solutions if needed.

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If to apologize Watch collection 4 or later detects a hard autumn while you"re wearing your watch, it taps friend on the wrist, sound an alarm, and displays one alert. Girlfriend can pick to call emergency solutions or dismiss the alarm by pushing the Digital Crown, tapping near in the upper-left corner, or tapping "I"m OK."


If your gendergeek.org watch detects the you"re moving, it waits because that you to respond to the alert and won"t immediately call emergency services. If your watch detects the you have been immobile for about a minute, it will make the speak to automatically.

After the contact ends, her watch sends out a article to her emergency contacts v your location letting them recognize that your watch detected a difficult fall and dialed emergency services. Your watch gets her emergency contact from your clinical ID.

Some countries and regions have multiple emergency organization numbers. For these countries, gendergeek.org watch will speak to the number linked with ambulance services.

How to do a call

To call emergency services, drag the Emergency SOS slider in the alert.

How to end a call

If you speak to emergency services, friend can end the speak to when your contact is perfect or if you no much longer need emergency care:

Tap the end call button
.On the End contact screen, madness Yes.

If your gendergeek.org watch detects that you"re immobile for about a minute, it starts a 30-second countdown, if tapping girlfriend on the wrist and also sounding one alert. The alert gets louder, so the you or someone surrounding can hear it.If you don"t desire to call emergency services, tap Cancel.When the countdown ends, her gendergeek.org Watch automatically contacts emergency services.

When the contact connects, her gendergeek.org watch plays an audio article that notifies emergency services that your gendergeek.org clock detected a difficult fall and also then it shares your existing location together latitude and also longitude coordinates. If you previously turned on the Share throughout Emergency Call setup under your medical ID, your medical ID is also automatically common with emergency services.The very first time the post plays, the audio is at full volume, yet then the volume is diminished sothat you, or someone nearby, have the right to talk come the responder. The message proceeds to play until you tap prevent Recorded message or the speak to ends.

Wrist Detection have to be turned on for her watch to instantly call emergency services: open up the Settings application on her gendergeek.org Watch, tapPasscode, then make certain that Wrist Detection is turn on.

Falls are immediately recorded in the health and wellness app, uneven you reply the you didn"t autumn when your gendergeek.org watch asks. To examine your loss history, open up the Health app on her iPhone, tap the wellness Data tab, then tap Results.


Open the apologize Watch application on her iPhone, then tap the My watch tab.Tap Emergency SOS.Turn autumn Detection on or off.

If you gone into your period when you collection up her gendergeek.org Watch, or in the health app, and you’re period 55 and also over, this feature turns ~ above automatically. Make certain that your correct age appears in your clinical ID and your wellness Profile. Autumn Detection is accessible only because that those 18 or older.

gendergeek.org clock cannot detect all falls. The more physically active you are, the an ext likely you space to cause fall detection because of high-impact task that can show up to it is in a fall.


Open setups on her iPhone, climate tap wellness > clinical ID.Tap Edit.Enter your date of birth and other wellness information.To add an emergency contact, madness the add button
under emergency contacts. Tap a contact, then add their relationship.To eliminate an emergency contact, insanity the remove button
next to the contact, then tap Delete.To make your medical ID easily accessible from the Lock screen, revolve on show When Locked. In one emergency, this provides information to human being who want to help.To share your clinical ID through emergency responders, revolve on Share throughout Emergency Call. Once you do a speak to or send a message to emergency services on her iPhone or apologize Watch, your medical ID will immediately be common with emergency services.*Tap Done.

You can"t collection emergency services as an emergencycontact.

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*Available just in the unified States. Text-to-911 may not be easily accessible in every areas. As soon as you speak to or message emergency services, your location and also encrypted clinical ID details are sent to gendergeek.org. Your location is provided to determine if intensified Emergency Data organization is sustained in her area. If gendergeek.orged, to apologize forwards your information to a companion for distribution to emergency services. Apologize cannot check out your medical ID information. If you rotate off “Emergency calls & SOS” under settings > Privacy > place Services > device Services, this check cannot be performed, and also Medical ID info will no be shared.