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setup the wake display time come 70 seconds will quickly drain your battery. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

When friend raise your wrist to check out your watch or tap the screen, the "wakes" the display screen for a short time.

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If you have the wake up time set to 70 seconds, that will drainpipe the battery quickly. Girlfriend should collection it come 15 secs instead.

1. start the Watch application on her iPhone.

2. ~ above the "My Watch" tab, tap "General."

3. madness "Wake Screen."

4. madness "Wake for 15 seconds."

You can additionally turn turn off the Wake display on Wrist advanced feature, so your watch will only wake the display screen when friend tap the display screen or rotate the Digital Crown.

Simply disable the "Wake display screen on Wrist Raise" alternative at the optimal of the screen.

Re-pair her Apple Watch and also iPhone


Tap her watch in ~ the height of the Watch application to unpair it. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

If your battery is running out much faster than the should, it"s possible that there"s something dorn with how your watch and also phone space paired.

You have the right to resolve a lot of of concerns by un-pairing your watch and then re-pairing it as a brand-new watch, which have to wipe out any type of of the corruption that resulted in the battery glitch.

Here"s how to carry out it.

1. begin the Watch application on her iPhone.

2. top top the "My Watch" tab, tap her watch in ~ the optimal of the screen.

3. madness the tiny "i" to the best of your watch information.

4. insanity "Unpair apologize Watch" and then confirm your choice.

Now that your clock is no longer paired to your phone, follow the accuse in our post on just how to pair one Apple Watch through your iphone phone to collection up her watch together a brand-new device.

Turn off some push notifications


countless apps offer you the choice to mirror the exact same notifications for her iPhone or to customize the notifications you receive. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Sending a many notifications to her watch can additionally seriously drain your battery. You must only enable the most essential notifications.

1. start the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. on the "My Watch" tab, madness "Notifications."

3. because that each app provided on the Notifications page, tap the app and specify even if it is it have to be allowed to send notifications. Some apps default to "Mirror my iPhone." If that"s the case, change the setting to "Custom," and also you will be able to fine-tune the notifications.

Manually stop workouts at the end of an exercise routine


You have the right to save battery life by manually finishing workouts. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

When the Apple clock is in exercise mode, it offers a small extra battery power, since it procedures your heart rate continuously, rather of every few minutes.

If her watch doesn"t realize her workout has finished for a while, it deserve to keep running at greater power much longer than needed.

Instead, acquire in the habit of ending a exercise manually by swiping the display screen to the right and also tapping "End." For more information, watch our write-up on how to begin a practice on her Apple Watch.

Turn off Background app Refresh

you can select which apps refreshing in the background throughout the day. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

When Background application Refresh is on, apps have the right to exchange data in between the iPhone and also Apple Watch, for this reason they always have present data when needed.

This can affect battery life, that course, therefore you deserve to turn the function off entirely, or select specific apps.

1. begin the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. on the "My Watch" tab, insanity "General."

3. madness "Background application Refresh."

4. on the Background application Fresh page, you have the right to disable the feature completely by swiping the button at the peak of the display to the left. Or, you can permit and disable particular apps so only the apps most essential to you obtain refreshed automatically.

Turn on minimize Motion

You can turn ~ above "Reduce Motion" in the "Accessibility" tab of her Watch app. ChinaFotoPress/Getty

This function controls part graphical effects and animations i beg your pardon can drain the battery.

1. begin the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. ~ above the "My Watch" tab, madness "General."

3. tap "Accessibility."

4. insanity "Reduce Motion."

5. rotate on "Reduce Motion" by swiping the switch to the right.

Get your Apple clock serviced

You might need come take her Apple clock to the Genius Bar. Claudio Villa/Getty pictures

If you have actually tried every these tips and your Apple watch is still can not to last all the method through the day, it"s most likely that there"s a hardware difficulty with her Apple watch — the battery may also be defective. Contact Apple customer assistance for servicing.

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