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The YouTube app on enlarge Apple TV models has officially been discontinued together of today. If you have actually a third-generation maker (the 2012-era version that predated the contemporary tvOS-based set-top boxes), you’ll only have the ability to stream YouTube v an iOS maker using AirPlay starting today, as listed by 9to5Mac.

While the news has been well-known for a while, the change highlights a key issue with the apple TV ecosystem. Namely, the it’s been almost three and also a fifty percent years due to the fact that Apple has last to update its streaming crate hardware.

If you own the old model with the currently defunct YouTube app, your only Apple-made alternatives are the 2017 to apologize TV 4K or what Apple currently calls the to apologize TV HD, the older design from 2015. That’s specifically problematic, provided that the apologize TV 4K still starts in ~ $179 (with a pricier 64GB design that offers dual the storage because that $199), in spite of being released year ago. Also the to apologize TV HD still prices $149.

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The finest streaming an equipment to purchase right now

That’s in distinguishable comparison to competitors like Amazon, Google, and Roku, which have actually released newer streaming commodities that sell the same (if not better) features than Apple’s outdated box at far lower prices. Roku’s flagship streaming box, the Roku Ultra, costs $99 — nearly half the price the the entry-level apple TV 4K — while sustaining 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Apple’s own AirPlay 2 streaming. The $50 Streaming rod Plus offers 4K and also HDR (without Dolby Vision) for those looking to conserve even an ext money.

Amazon’s Fire TV Cube expenses $119.99 and offers similar high-end streaming specs, while additionally doubling as a full-fledged Echo speaker. Choose Roku, Amazon also has that is cheaper $50 Fire TV rod 4K, which supplies the complete gamut of streaming support (Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR10+, and also HDR10) without the included Alexa speaker.

And that course, yes sir Google’s latest Chromecast, which expenses just $50, offers excellent content curation, supports 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos, and also Dolby Vision, and remains The Verge’s best an option for a streaming stick in 2021.

With much more and more apps starting to finish support because that Apple’s enlarge streaming box (CBS All accessibility has already announced the it’ll be enacting a similar change when Paramount add to launches), the problem of the to apologize TV’s outdated hardware and also pricing are just going to continue to grow.

Correction: This short article previously declared that Apple’s only remaining TV hardware was the apologize TV 4K. It has actually been updated come reflect the Apple quiet sells the older Apple TV HD. The Verge regrets the error.