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If you’re favor me, many of the mail you gain anymore is junk mail. One common type of junk mail is “scratch-off promotions” from vehicle dealerships. Girlfriend know, those lottery-looking pieces that seem come award anyone the height prize?

Well, ns responded to one.

The junk mail i responded to.

How perform the auto Dealer Lottery Mailers Work?

So exactly how do these automobile dealer lottery mailers work? exactly how do they do it look together if anyone wins, yet get away through no one winning?

Take a look in ~ the prize list:

Now take it a look in ~ the “lottery” card:


You’ll view that all five numbers on optimal of the lotto card (the “winning numbers” 07, 12, 29, 30, 46) room somewhere in the block of numbers at the bottom (the “your numbers”).

Does that median that this lottery map is a cool prize winner - worth $25,000 cash?


Take a look in ~ the prize list again:

To the left determines what lottery cards space winners (except they’re every winners) and to the right simply lists what the prizes are. Over there is no relationship in between the two.

Some cards just reveal this in the good print. This one was a bit more explicit - listed below the compensation list check out this disclaimer:

Order that winning number does not complement order of to win prizes. Confirmation password determines actual compensation won.

The well Print and the Odds of Winning

Now, ns didn’t think ns won the top prize. At first, i didn’t think i won any prize.

But I review the well print, and also in the fine print it listed the probabilities for each prize:

Odds of to win $25,000 - 1:50,000 Odds of winning $5,000 - 1:50,000 Odds of win $2,000 - 1:50,000 Odds of to win $1,000 - 1:50,000 Odds of winning wireless earbuds - 49,996:50,000

The fine publish listing the odds the winning.

Notice something about those odds? If you include them up, the odds of winning something is 50,000:50,000. In various other words (or rather, in other numbers) the odds of winning is 100%.

So long as I display up, ns walking out through at least a set of (cheap) wireless earbuds.

Showing Up

I’m an introvert, so getting here wasn’t precisely easy. Ns feared the whoever I ended up talk to would try to strong-arm me into buying or leasing a car.

We don’t require a brand-new car - us bought a new-to-us van 2 years earlier and a new-to-us vehicle a year ago.

Thankfully, there to be no sales pressure when I acquired there. Ns was conveniently able to acquire in, talk briefly v who ns assume was a sales associate, grab my wireless headphones, and also head out.

The dealership the I had to go to is sprawled out throughout several blocks downtown. Actually, it’s numerous dealerships with a single name - over time, the dealership expanded to many makes.

The mailer stated that the offer was through the Chevrolet branch the the dealerships, so naturally, ns went there first. Except I must have gone come the new - not supplied - component of the dealership.

I walked in and, as you’d intend at a dealership, a salesman asked me if the could assist me.

“I’m trying to found out just how to redeem this,” ns told him introduce to the mailer i was hold in mine hand.

“All the action’s throughout the street,” he replied, “You have the right to stay parked end here, though.”

I thanked him and also walked throughout the street to another building through the exact same name as the place I had actually just left. In ~ this building, i was greeted outside by a young gentleman in service casual, but no surname tag or any kind of indication he operated here.

Since the greeted me (and hosted the door open for me) i asked if he worked here. He replied that the did, and we walked come a lengthy folding table with a pair of urgent tables.

There were quite a couple of people in the structure - probably plenty of of whom had actually fallen for the “trick” reasoning they had won $25,000 - and also yes, lock were all wearing facemasks. After all, compensation or not, we’re still in the center of a global pandemic.

The gentleman that I satellite down with pulled out a form and inquiry me a few questions. I noticed the he no ask me a question for every entry on the form, which to be fortunate because I noticed there was a ar on the form labeled “social security number.” ns wasn’t about to hand the end my social security number because that a set of cheap earbuds.

What he did ask me was my name, call number, and also a couple of questions around my existing vehicles (make, model, & milage). He additionally said something about a raffle.

With the form filled up, we stood up and turned around and also faced a tiny poster - probably about two feet broad and three feet tall - which had actually a snapshot of each of the prizes through a number underneath every picture. Other than the earbuds didn’t have a number, just the phrase all various other confirmation codes.

Unsurprisingly, i didn’t win any kind of of the optimal prizes. No cash because that me.

The gentleman saw a ago room and also came earlier with the set of wireless earbuds, brand brand-new in the box, and handed them come me.

“By the way,” ns asked, “what is that raffle girlfriend were talk about?”

“By law, we have to offer away the optimal prizes,” that explained, “so if the winner no come in, us raffle it to someone that did come in.”

I’m not sure there is together a law, however I do think the honestly believed that. Possibly it’s just a trick to get human being to hand over their information, ns don’t know.

Oh, and also at least according to my Google timeline, I only spent six minutes at the dealership. Ns spent an ext time driving there and back.

The Prize

The prize to be a cheap set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The fine publish said they were a $29.99 value.

The Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

I think I found the very same pair of wireless earbuds top top Amazon. At the moment of this writing, the “list price” is $39.99 but the “current price” is $29.94. That might change by the time you’re reading this.

Who to know what the dealership paid for the earbuds - probably less than $29.99 each.

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I have actually tried lock out already - I offered them to hear to some podcasts while ns went ~ above a run Wednesday morning.

I can only gain one to work, but I don’t understand if the other one yes, really didn’t work, or if I merely didn’t know just how to effectively pair it. I did discover a Youtube video demonstrating exactly how to correctly pair both earphones: