go Dexter obtain Caught? (& 9 various other Questions We need Answers to In The Revival) Dexter is headed ago to TV display screens in a new revival, and also fans space eager to recognize if these inquiries will it is in answered.

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Showtime"s Dexter was among the best television collection on air in the late 2000s and also early 2010s and might even be thought about one the the ideal television collection ever. Yet the crime drama an enig was marred by additionally having one of the worst collection finales in history.

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Thankfully, it was announced that a 10-episode restricted series revival, reserved for so late 2021, would help bring brand-new closure come the show and also finally wrap up the story in the way should have actually been excellent in the first place. The said, while pan anxiously await the premiere the the revival, they are likely to theorize around what might happen and revisit inquiries that numerous hope the renewal will answer.

The many pressing outstanding question about how the new finale will be handled is if Dexter will certainly get captured in the end. In the key series, the show"s final season eight finished with Dexter faking his very own death and also running turn off to Oregon.

There, he was a fully bearded lumberjack living alone in a trailer. But his true identity as a serial killer was never discovered, which provides one wonder if the rather at Miami PD will have actually put two-and-two together, or if he return to kill again and also finally gets caught.

while his step-kids Astor and Cody saw live with their grandparents complying with Rita"s gruesome death, Dexter still had actually his biological son Harrison, to whom he to be a single father.

In the last episode of the series, that is revealed the Dexter make a arrangement with his girlfriend and fellow serial killer Hannah McKay to run away with each other to Argentina. Except Dexter never showed up and also left she to care for Harrison. Where room they now? If the moment jump is come skip ahead in real-time due to the fact that the present ended, Harrison would certainly be a teenager by now.

one of the most heartbreaking moment of the final episode was Debra"s death, v Dexter being the one to disconnect she life assistance system and telling her he loves her right before she dies.

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But there to be a romantic love brewing in between Debra and her ex Joey as well, and while gift rushed to the hospital, she ultimately told him she loved him. Will certainly he return, tho grieving her? and also will he number out that Dexter is and also blame the for her death?

7 Is Dexter quiet Killing?

A leopard can"t change its stripes, as they say. And a serial killer can"t specifically turn turn off his urges. So just how is Dexter fulfilling them? chances are that is still killing, probably not together frequently. And without access from the police station, just how is that still able to live through Harry"s Code, which ensures the he only kills truly despicable human being who "deserve it?"

It will certainly be amazing to see what Dexter has been approximately this entire time. It surely can"t just be cutting down trees. If he is as much as his old tricks, exactly how is Dexter killing? and also if the isn"t, just how he is controlling without exhilaration on those urges?

when Dexter was kind of a lone wolf, v his sisters Debra being his just true "friend," the did have other world with whom he was friendly. That includes his co-workers point of view Batista and Vince Masuka.

Their last encounter with Dexter was getting here just ~ Dexter eliminated serial killer Oliver Saxon. While Dexter claimed it was in self defense, neither was buying that. Yet they also had no idea who Dexter was. Did they, at any time between the finale and when the revival picks up, figure out his true identity and also what he was doing? and if for this reason (or if not) will they even find that he"s actually still alive?

5 walk Dexter Grieve Debra"s Death?

The an extremely fact that Dexter told Debra the loved her in a way that seemed genuine and also out of character for the guy who, together a sociopath, really didn"t have the volume to feeling anything, claimed a lot about how lot she meant to him.

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He blamed self for her death and also decided come fake his very own death and also leave to stop hurting anyone rather he loves. It was a form of self-punishment to banish himself to a lonely existence. So, just how did he deal with grieving because that Debra with nothing rather to do but think? and also did he also have the volume to grieve at all?

Harrison was much too young when the present ended so fans didn"t understand much around his as whole personality. He did, however, go through the exact same disturbing experience Dexter did together a child, evil the killing of his mother and also being left come sit in a pool of her blood. The is also biologically concerned Dexter, and also there is that an alleged "serial killer gene."

Meanwhile, Dexter"s step-kids Astor and also Cody went through trauma of their own with a biological father that was abusive in the direction of their mother, then losing both your parents. Astor was already a teenager by the moment the display ended, and Cody to be a pre-teen who showed up to it is in an average, chaste child. Yet he additionally greatly admired Dexter. Did any kind of three that them follow in Dexter"s path?

3 will Old Ghosts Come back To Haunt Dexter?

It would be remarkable to see old ghosts that friends and also come back to haunt Dexter in the revival, including memorable characters like his mam Rita, sergeant James Doakes, captain Maria LaGuerta, one-of-a-kind Agent candid Lundy, the Trinity Killer, ADA Miguel Prado – the perform is endless and also would make for a killer (pun intended) guest starring duty or cameo list.

Of course, the most essential "ghost" that requirements to return is the of Dexter"s dad Harry Morgan, who often appeared as a sort of conscience because that Dexter whenever he to be considering going astray or offering in come his urges without "cause."

Serial killers frequently collect trophies of their victims. In Dexter"s case, he would certainly keep some of their blood in a slide and include it to his ever-growing collection, which the hid behind a vent in the wall surface of his home.

In season seven, he burned the crate of blood slides atop ray Speltzer"s chest, deciding the it to be time to move on. Has actually he began collecting them when again? Or has he discovered a new form of "trophy" come collect together a memento the his various victims?

1 Is Dexter still In call With Hannah?

once Hannah, Dexter"s final love interest, reads around Dexter"s watercraft being discovered, blown come bits ~ a storm, v no trace of Dexter, she tries come fight ago tears. Yet then she smiles. Go she know he"s actually alive? Or is she simply unable come grieve?

Does she think he"s on his way to Argentina, or does she understand he will never display up there? Or perhaps he go just setup to put low and meet up with her in a year or so? Fans want to know how that every pans out.

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