Antonio Brown is a professional American football large receiver. He has held his passion and also love because that the video game ever since he to be a kid. Transparent his career in NFL, he has actually played because that Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and brand-new England Patriots. He is at this time a totally free agent.

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Early life

The footballer did no have basic time cultivation up. Back he was born come an American soccer legend, he lived without a guardian most of his teenage years.

Eight-year-old Antonio spent hrs running top top the Firebirds field with his father and also got to discover a couple of tricks that the game. His parental separated and his mom remarried.

Antonio did no get in addition to his stepfather, and also when he was 16 year old, he left house for six months. Throughout this period, he slept at his friends' and classmates' couches.

He flourished up in the Miami ar that was identified by dangerous gangs and also violence.


The footballer attended Miami Norland High school where he actively participated in football and track. That was amongst the ideal players and also played running back, quarterback, broad receiver and also punt returner.

His fantastic playing an abilities made him the Athlete the the Year (2005). If doing track and field games, he led his team in catching a state title in 41.50 seconds.


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After high school, that enrolled at Carolina technology Prep where he happen 1247 yards and also 11 touchdowns while play quarterback.

He to be awarded a scholarship in ~ Florida international University while undertaking his prep classes. He, however, to be expelled before the kick-off of the soccer season because of disputes.

He enrolled at the college of Michigan after references on his superb football skills from his former coach.

He played 14 games and had 102 receptions for 1003 yards and also 6 touchdowns in his freshman season. As a large receiver in the college, he won the Mid American Conference freshman of the Year award (2007).

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Professional career timeline

Here is a break down of the footballer's job timeline in American football.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2010-2018)

Antonio signed a three-year contract v the Pittsburgh Steelers top top June 15, 2010, for $1.28 million. In 2011, he significant his first season video game by capturing 5 passes for 109 yards when playing against Baltimore Ravens.


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Due to his efforts, he was selected as a punting returner because that the 2012 pro Bowl and also became the first player to have more than 1000 yards receiving and returning in one year in NFL history.

He continued posting higher receptions, and also in 2017, he was ranked fourth in the perform of NFL peak 100 football player of 2017. He ongoing to play v the Steelers by signing an extension contract precious $68 million with a $17 million yearly price tag.

In the same year, the was named first-team All-Pro in his sixth Pro Bowl the year. In 2018, he to be ranked amongst the best NFL players according to the NFL height 100 football player of 2018 list.

Oakland Raiders (2019)

On march 13, 2019, the footballer to be officially traded to Oakland Raiders. The did no attend numerous games due to his foot injuries.

During his time v the Raiders, he had actually several issues for wearing a helmet the did not meet NFL standards and also was additionally involved in confrontations v his general manager.


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He later on parted means with the Oakland Raiders on September 7, 2019, prior to he ever played a video game for the team.

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New England Patriots (2019)

Immediately after ~ leaving Oakland Raiders, Antonio join the brand-new England Patriots with a one year contract precious $15 million and a $9 million signing bonus.

He was released top top September 20 ~ allegations of sexual misconduct. The woman accused him of sending out intimidating text messages come her.

Antonio Brown job stats

The wide receiver has actually earned outstanding career stats while playing in the NFL. Together of 2020, his job stats are:

Receptions: 841Yards: 11,263Touchdowns: 75

Career achievements

Here are few of the remarkable triumphs Antonio has realized end the years as a professional American footballer:

First player in NFL background to have much more than 1000 yards receiving and returning in a single year (2011)Ranked 4th on the perform of NFL peak 100 players of 2017. Ranked the second on the NFL height 100 players of 2018 list.

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Net worth and salary

What is Antonio Brown net worth in 2020? His network worth is approximated at $30 million. In 2017, the was one of the highest-paid vast receivers at the time, having expanded his contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers because that $68 million.

His contract v the Oakland Raiders to be worth much more than $50 million. In 2019, it to be reported that Antonio Brown value was around $17 million.

Antonio Brown controversies

Over the years, the American football player has discovered himself amidst controversies and also lawsuit charges. He has confronted allegations of sex-related assault, erratic behavior, fights, windy disputes, and also burglary.

Here is a timeline the his controversies transparent his professional career;

July 2019

Antonio reportedly missed number of training sessions due to his foot injuries. He had actually frostbite top top his feet due to the fact that he did no wear the exactly footwear if in France.

August 2019


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The player had confrontations through his manager for no wearing the required helmet. His preferred an option was the Schutt air Advantage. The model had been claimed unsafe for American football games. The filed a grievance twice and also lost top top both occasions.

September 2019

The Raiders team revealed the they could suspend Antonio because that conduct detrimental come the team. The player additionally posted letter on his social media reflecting the fines the he had actually been given by the Raiders. He went top top to post on YouTube a conversation he mutual with the Raiders coach.

Not long after, the asked come be exit from the team. That left ~ above September 7, 2019, prior to playing on the season opener games. He signed a one year contract with the brand-new England Patriots top top the exact same day.

On September 10, the player confronted accusations the r*ping his previous trainer Britney Taylor. Britney and also Antonio were former classmates at central Michigan University.


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According to Taylor, Brown masturbated and also came ~ above her ago twice in 2017. She further revealed that he r*ped she in 2018. Brown refuse the allegations claiming that the two had actually a consensual sex-related relationship.

On September 20, he was let go by the brand-new England Patriots after ~ he accused s*xually assaulted an artist. He had actually hired the artist to job-related at his residence in Pennsylvania.

January 2020

Antonio acquired into an ugly misunderstanding with his ex-girlfriend in front of their children. He also threw cuss words and also disrespectful abuses in ~ the police. The police reported the they had encountered Brown’s disrespectful actions too countless times.

On January 21, Antonio was accused that burglary with battery by a moving truck driver. Antonio apparently refused to pay the driver $4,000 for moving his products from California to Florida. He even threw a rock at the truck and also denied to finance the damages.


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On January 23, the turned self in to the Broward ar jail. He confronted charges because that attacking a male alongside his trainer glenn Holt.

Antonio Brown girlfriend

Who is Antonio Brown wife or girlfriend? This is among the most asked questions around the well known footballer. Carry out you understand the answer?

Antonio BrownSource: Facebook

Who is Antonio Brown married to?

The footballer has actually not however married yet is a father of 5 kids. He has two kids from previous relationships and also three sons v his long-time girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss.

Due to Brown's recent allegations and erratic behavior, Kyriss revealed the she has distanced herself and also her 3 sons from the player. She further included that the player needed clinical attention and also filed a lawsuit to obtain primary custody for their kids.

Chelsea offered birth to 2 kids, Kellen, and also Brooklyn Green before her present relationship.


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Antonio Brown kids

As us have currently mentioned, the American footballer has 5 children. Your names are Atanyiah, Ali, Antonio Jr., Autonomy and also Apollo.

Apollo Brown is his youngest boy born on respectable 1, 2017. Remarkable photos of the children are regularly shared online by the football star.

Antonio BrownSource: Facebook

Where go Antonio Brown live?

The football star resides in his hometown, Miami, Florida. He own a mansion there and another Antonio Brown residence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That purchased the luxurious 12-bedroom villa in Miami because that $6.6 million.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

Here space some rapid facts about the American soccer player:

Who is Antonio Brown?

He is a expert American football large receiver

Who walk Antonio Brown pat for?

He has actually previously played for Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and new England Patriots. The is right now a cost-free agent after ~ leaving the Patriots in September 2019

Where was Antonio Brown born?


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The American footballer was born and also raised in Miami, Florida, joined States.

How old is Antonio Brown?

The footballer to be born top top July 10, 1988. He will certainly be turning 32 year old this year.

Where did Antonio Brown go to college?

He to visit Florida worldwide University top top scholarship. He then joined the university of Michigan following recommendations indigenous his previous coach.

How high is Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown elevation is 1.78m (5 ft 10 inches). He has actually an strong build and also weighs around 84 kgs.

How many children does Antonio Brown have?

He is a father of five kids. Through Chelsie Kyriss he had actually Autonomy, Ali and also Apollo. His other children Atanyiah and also Antonio Jr space from his previous relationship with Shamieka Brailsford.

What taken place to Antonio Brown?

The former England Patriots player was released indigenous the team ~ sexual assault charges were filed versus him. In a tweet, he proclaimed that he will no longer play in the NFL.

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Antonio Brown has actually maintained his love because that the video game throughout the years of his experienced career. That is right now a totally free agent and football pan wait to see if he will be earlier on NFL.