It’s not regularly that one actor guns for a character who promptly die in a film, yet Anne Hathaway battled for the heart-wrenching role of Fantine in this winter’s Les Misérables—and correct so. Hathaway’s impassioned power well provides up for the truncated role, and it’s her voice, singing “I dreamy a

through once, but then ns was having actually trouble hear the piano, for this reason I put in both earpieces so that i couldn’t hear myself. The 2nd and third take didn’t go right through, but then it to be the fourth take, i beg your pardon was just the second time I’d sung straight thorough, that Tom (Hooper) finished up using. I remember emotion this schism in me that possibly this was the one. But of course, ns still had actually to make them shooting it one more 13 times; I had to do it way more complicated.

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AWARDSLINE: I’m assuming over there was just one take because that the hair-cutting—well, more like chopping—scene?HATHAWAY: The take had actually to be separated into 2 sections. Fantine is led right into the grotto by a wig maker, and also she reduced the an initial part of my hair, a 3- by 4-inch rectangle, and also then they had actually to yell cut (for a costume change), and also I had to sit over there half-bald for about 20 minutes, which wasn’t easy. I try to be together stoic an actor together possible, and also I’m blessed to have actually been provided this role, however this (scene) totally undid me. I’ve never been for this reason scared, and also I to be slightly manic around it. However when it was done i was fine, and also I had a pixie cut. Although i did have a huge bald point out in front, i beg your pardon wasn’t planned—they were cutting my hair v a knife. But I think this can be a brand-new phase in life because that me. I currently like having short hair for the manageability of it. Yet by the end of this shoot, I had actually no vanity left. I was horribly scrawny and also bald.

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AWARDSLINE: to be you inquiry to lose weight because that the role or was that your own decision?HATHAWAY: ns was do the efforts to unify the Fantine native the phase with Fantine native the novel, and also I take it my physical cues directly from Victor Hugo. You have to suspend disbelief on stage once Fantine dies, and she doesn’t look any different, yet on film we had actually the opportunity to really obtain inside Fantine. Gift the slightly masochistic actor that ns am, ns thought, as soon as she says, “I had actually a dream mine life would be so various from this hell I’m living…” what if us were actually able to display her in hell? ns wasn’t asked to lose weight, however I talked to Tom about it, and also he relocated the schedule about so I can lose the weight. In the end, I assumed it lent she an really vulnerability. You want to plunder a blanket about her and also feed she soup. You want to save her. After all, the is called The Miserable, and Fantine is the many Les Misérables of castle all, and I felt i couldn’t shirk that. I did a cleanse at first to element me because that the bare bones, no pun intended, the were come come. I shed 10 pounds initially, then lost 15 pounds in 14 days. Ns don’t recommend it.

AWARDSLINE: You have actually the amazing difference of being a second- generation Fantine.HATHAWAY: Yes, my mother was in the first national tourism of Les Mis. She played a manufacturing facility girl, but was an understudy for Fantine and also did pat Fantine countless times. Ns was 7 years old, and also this was the display that had concentrated my desire for acting, plus over there were children in the manufacturing so it made it all seem obtainable. It’s remarkable that this movie came about when ns was the right period to pat the character my mom had actually played, the character that made me want to it is in an actress. To have it come full circle prefer this is truly amazing. To say it to be the soundtrack of my life is no exaggeration.

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