More than a decade due to the fact that its inception, one of the world"s greatest stars has finally joined Instagram.

Leaving the club of non-participators, which still contains Emma Stone, Jay-Z and Scarlett Johansson, as of august 21 2021, Angelina Jolie is currently on Instagram.

The humanitarian - who also describes herself together a "mum and also filmmaker" in she bio - join the platform with an urgent post on behalf of the females of Afghanistan who are terrified that the recent takeover the the country by the Taliban.

The post displayed a letter i beg your pardon Jolie described she was sent out by a teenage girl indigenous Afghanistan who is incredibly fearful that the erosion of her rights to education, work and freedom.

"Before the Taliban came in... We all had actually rights, us were may be to defend our rights freely. But when they come , we are all fear of them and we think all of our dreams are gone. We think our rights have been violated and we deserve to not acquire out."

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The letter end "We all lost our freedom and we room imprisoned again".

Jolie, that is a distinct envoy to the UN commission for refugees, told how she had met refugees fleeing Taliban ascendancy on the Afghan border 20 years ago in 2001.

"Right now, the human being of Afghanistan are losing their capability to interact on social media and also to express themselves freely. For this reason I’ve which Instagram to share their stories and also the voices the those across the world who are fighting because that their straightforward human rights," Jolie wrote.


Jolie delivering a speech at a refugees camp on the Colombian/Venezuelan border in June 2019
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"It is sickening to watch Afghans being displaced yet again out of the fear and also uncertainty that has gripped their country... Watching for decades how Afghan refugees - several of the most qualified people in the people - room treated choose a burden is likewise sickening. Discovering that if they had the tools and also respect, exactly how much castle would perform for themselves. And meeting so numerous women and also girls that not only wanted an education, however fought for it.

"Like rather who room committed, I will certainly not turn away. Ns will continue to look at for means to help. And also I hope you’ll join me."

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In the couple of days since the Oscar-winning actor landed on the platform, she has now amassed 7.6 million followers. Jolie has since followed up her debut write-up with one more which highlights her occupational with refugees and displaced people about the world.

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