“Gosh, that’s a large question mark,” the actress, 33, solely told Us Weekly‘s Christina Garibaldi and Stroller in the City‘s Brianne Manz for the Thursday, in march 18, “Moms choose Us” episode. “I have no idea. Ns was hoping this year would administer some clarity on the question, however it didn’t because that me.”

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Andy Roddick and also Brooklyn Decker. Suzanne Cordeiro/Shutterstock

The Ohio native, who is already the mommy of son Hank, 5, and also daughter Stevie, 3, walk on come say that she “love” the child stage. “I can not tell if i love mine friend’s newborns or if I want my own, but yeah, I miss out on it,” she said Us. “Every phase, everyone told me it gets better and better. And also it’s been true.”

Her eldest has currently lost his infant voice, Decker added, calling the a “big kid.” She explained, “As a parent, you want to organize onto the but likewise see castle grow. That so lot fun.”

The small one even “gets himself out of bed, pen his own teeth gets self dressed,” the version told Us. “There room no toddler pajamas, no snuggles. He’s just a boy all ready to go. That independence is what you desire as a parent, yet it’s such a blended bag that emotions because you want your tiny baby to snuggle with.”

For now, she and the former experienced tennis player, 38, room loving life with their family members of four. “We actually were simply looking each other the other day v a 5 and 3-year-old, and we feel prefer this is gaining into the most basic phase since they can really play through each other and also enjoy each other and also communicate. It’s gained a lot easier.”

That being said, the couple’s household is still “chaotic,” the Sports shown Swimsuit design said. “It’s joyful. That complicated. That exhausted. The loving.”

Decker and the athlete wed in April 2009 in Texas, one year after your engagement. They began dating in 2007.


Brooklyn Decker.

In august 2019, the Nebraska native solely told Us just how they save the romance alive in their marriage while parenting. “You need to schedule it,” Roddick explained. “We do try to do a great job that saying, ‘Hey, next Wednesday we’re walk to walk out and enjoy each other.’ enjoy the quiet of no kids around, and also enjoy not picking stuff up turn off the floor, uneven we perform it.’ So, scheduling matters when you’re this far out and have a pair of kids.”

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