Bravo host extraordinaire Andy Cohen is single, and also opening up about his find for a life partner. 

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Andy joined RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel on she podcast, Just B with Bethenny Frankel, and that revealed that his find for a friend is not going well, and it's his fault. 


Andy is conveniently one the the hardest-working men in the entertain industry. In addition to being the executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise, hosting his very own late-night present on the network, and raising his child Benjamin, Andy also juggles a radio show and a national tour with his BFF Anderson Cooper.

However, the admits the he doesn't work-related as hard as he need to when it involves dating.  

"I think the I do want it, yet I don’t seem to be working very hard to obtain it," he told Bethenny as soon as she request if he wanted a life partner. "And it’s funny, due to the fact that you recognize a lot of times, i waste an not suitable amount that time ~ above Instagram spring at other people’s pages, and also a many times you check out people, and also they’re good looking and there are all this shirtless pictures, and also then you’re like, let me put myself in the position of dating this person now. Is this that I want as a boyfriend? Mr. Speedo shoot everyday?”


He continued, "If ns was someone rather looking in ~ above my social media, am i the person I would desire to date? possibly not! I’d be like, you recognize what? That male is sort of a douche. Civilization that live in glass houses, man. And also that’s the other thing. If ns was watching my own show would I want to date me? i don’t know."

While Andy might not have a boyfriend today, he has had some windy relationships. He broke up v his longtime boyfriend, Clifton Dassuncao — that he referred to as the "Brazilian Andy Samberg" in his memoir, Superficial: an ext Adventures native the Andy Cohen Diaries — in 2018. 

While they were dating, Andy revealed the their relationship was a occupational in progress.

'It's good, it's good. Work by day, don't like labels," Andy shared. "I would favor marriage, yeah. We'll see. I don't desire to classify it on because... No "

"Someone who’s an extremely independent, who who has actually their very own thing going on. Probably someone who’s never ever seen The real Housewives," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I mean, I could go on... So, yes, that's what I'm feather for." 

But don't intend him to walk on truth TV to discover love. "I don't think i would. I don't want to kiss ~ above camera and also I don't think so." 


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Along v Clifton, Andy has likewise dated Broadway star man Hill and also admitted to resting with previous boy-bander Lance Bass. 

We have a emotion Andy won't stay solitary for too long.  

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