Need a an excellent duplicate of Siri for Android? if there’s no official Siri application for Android, these alternatives for a new Android assistant are the perfect alternate to Siri the Android fans of all kinds have the right to enjoy. | iStock.com/monkeybusinessimages

The voice assistants that we’ve been using on ours smartphones for years room finally ending up being indispensably useful — and also reliably fun. Smartphone reviewers and tech columnists have actually long disputed which voice assistant is the smartest. Is the Siri? Or Alexa? How around Google Assistant or Google Now? Or also Cortana? every one has a unique collection of features and also functionality. And each handle integrations through third-party apps differently.

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But if you’re convert from iOS come Android, you’ve probably wondered about your options. Is there a voice assistant that attributes as a good alternative to Siri? and would a voice assistant because that Android match Siri’s functionality and wit? ~ all, everybody enjoys asking inquiries of Siri. Unfortunately, there’s at this time no official Siri app for Android. Therefore if you merely must use the lover Apple app, Android won’t it is in the best operating system for you.

But even because that those that love Siri, Android deserve to still it is in a good OS. No least due to the fact that you can uncover the perfect voice assistant for it. In fact, we’re betting the you’ll find one you choose so much that you’ll prevent wishing Apple would release Siri for Android. (Since us all recognize that do Siri Android-ready isn’t a large priority in Cupertino, California.)

Every voice assistant because that Android — and assistants that room released on iOS or because that Windows, because that that issue — can aid you achieve tasks and find info quickly. Lock can also give you some much-needed entertainment once you’re boring or emotion down. We may not have the ability to tell you exactly how to acquire Siri on an Android phone, yet we can help you find the finest Android assistant. Review on to check out our favorite options to Siri for Android.

1. Google Assistant


If you’re looking for the perfect alternate to a hypothetical Siri Android app, Google Assistant might be appropriate for friend | Google Assistant

Let’s start with Google’s very own Android assistant apps. Google Assistant is the can be fried answer because that anyone looking for a nearby substitute to Siri for Android. You deserve to ask Google Assistant plenty of questions, and its responses to those concerns illustrate precisely how various this software is from Google’s other voice assistant, Google Now.

Unlike the latter, Google Assistant responds in a conversational format. That’s true whether you’re making a severe inquiry or make a joke. And also its advanced artificial intelligence way that if any kind of Android assistant has earned the moniker of “Siri for Android,” it’s this one. (Though, we’ll admit, it’s a bit of a bummer that Google Assistant is, so far, accessible only ~ above the Google Pixel and also in the Google Allo message app, i m sorry you deserve to download straight from the Google beat Store.)

2. Google Now


Google Now may not it is in the newest application that’s trying to it is in a Siri application for Android, yet this assistant for Android is a pretty capable piece of software program | Google

If you’re no the owner the a Google Pixel, then you don’t have Google Assistant directly incorporated into your phone. The great news is that Google has built another assistant for Android smartphones: Google Now. Although Google Now might not it is in the most faithful analogue come Siri because that Android, it’s tho a pretty an excellent assistant if friend don’t mental its absence of personality. Google Now attempts to surface info you need prior to you ask because that it. That does the by capitalizing top top the details Google has around you.

For instance, Google Now gives you information based on the searches you’ve made, the messages the go with your inbox, and the videos that you’ve watched. It can also tell you exactly how much website traffic you deserve to anticipate on your commute, and when you have to leave because that the plane in order come make your flight. Because that those reasons alone, we’re nice sure Android customers will likely discover it to be a useful alternative to Siri.

3. AIVC (Alice)


If you want a Siri app for Android the you deserve to customize (to a level that would be difficult if Apple do Siri Android ready), AIVC may be a great assistant because that you | YourApp24

Ready come move past Google’s choices for a new Android assistant? Let’s obtain acquainted with AIVC, likewise known as Alice. The developer uses a totally free version and also a pro version of this Android assistant. Alice can aid you through calls, text messages, and emails. She can also assist you v translations, navigation, alarms, and also timers. And if that weren’t enough, she have the right to launch apps, make calculations, manage Facebook updates, do web searches, check the weather, and also search images.

But uneven Siri (or any type of Siri-esque Android application that Apple might release in an alternate universe), AIVC is pretty customizable. Girlfriend can define your own commands with Alice. And also you have the right to use the customization to manage devices the are easily accessible via a net interface. Alice is continually learning new skills (like any an excellent Android assistant), quickly ending up being capable that a range of tasks, both fun and functional.



If you desire a an excellent Siri application for Android, the ANDY voice assistant must top your “to download” list | Google Play

ANDY is another an excellent Siri-esque application for Android that’s certain to admire you. The developer offers a free version and a pro variation of this voice assistant because that Android, which deserve to send message messages, make phone calls, and give you directions. And also according come the Google Play store description, this version of Siri because that Android deserve to “answer quite much any kind of question you throw at him.” desire to test that claim? (So perform we!) ANDY’s knowledge reportedly covers many of the information discovered on Wikipedia. However it doesn’t protect against there. You can likewise ask around the weather and also time, get answers come algebra questions, or ask him to do unit conversions.

ANDY is likewise designed to be “smart sufficient to prize questions also if English is not your an initial language.” That’s in reality a pretty distinct attribute amongst the countless voice assistants vying for the title of Siri because that Android. To ask a inquiry or to offer a command, you just need to tap the microphone switch on the app’s house screen. Or you can allow the “Shake Recording” option, therefore that once you shake your device, it will activate the Android assistant. Don’t choose either of those choices? There’s always the old-fashioned way: typing your question to obtain an answer. ANDY will recognize your voice, parse your question, and search for the best answer. Then, the Android assistant will read it ago to you, and also display it on your display with added details.

5. Cortana


Cortana may not be the perfect Siri copycat, but it’s a pretty awesome choice if you want an Android assistant the you can also talk to on your computer | Google Play

Prefer one Android assistant native a big tech company other than Google? Then think about Cortana. You may think that Cortana is only available on home windows phones, yet Microsoft has actually released versions of Cortana because that Android (and also for iOS, interesting way enough). Though it can not be at the height of your find list, it’s tho worthy the mentioning. Why? because that the same reason that Mac users prefer using Siri on their iPhones. Cortana is the Android assistant because that you if you’re making use of a computer that runs windows 10, wherein Microsoft’s assistant is also integrated.

That method that once you usage Cortana top top both her phone and computer, you have the right to send texts from one of two people device. The same goes for vocal requests. Equipped with voice recognition technology, you have the right to talk come Cortana ~ above your computer system as easily as you would on your smartphone. You deserve to even collection reminders on her PC, and Cortana will certainly remind you of castle on your phone. Searching for competitors is reasonably easy (just start searching the Google pat Store), but Cortana is a surprisingly compelling candidate because that a good voice assistant because that Android. In fact, Cortana may be a better Siri for Android 보다 Siri if you’re a home windows 10 user.

6. Dragon mobile Assistant for Android


Dragon mobile Assistant is powered by advanced voice recognition an innovation that renders it an amazing Siri app for Android | Dragon cell phone Apps

Dragon mobile Assistant is another great option when you’re trying to find a capable alternate to Siri for Android. This Android assistant is it is provided by Nuance Communications, a respected surname in speech acknowledgment technology. (An area where Siri has tendency to struggle for plenty of users.) You’ll watch that modern technology in activity with Dragon cell phone Assistant. You’ll also start come wonder why you want a Siri app for Android in the very first place.

With Dragon mobile Assistant, you can send and receive text messages, post Facebook and also Twitter updates, and also send emails — all hands-free. Need to understand the weather or inquire about your upcoming appointments? Dragon mobile Assistant has you covered! you can additionally use it to collection reminders, do appointments, and also search the internet. And don’t concern if her phone display is locked. You can still accessibility the Android assistant whenever by transforming on the Attentive Mode. One function that us think really provides a distinction in its functionality, though, is the ability to create a “voiceprint” so the your assistant will only listen to your commands. And to make the conversation even much more personal, you can pick a voice and also create a name for her assistant. 



The HOUND assistant is just one of our favorite Android assistants, and is far much better than what we’d mean from any type of Siri application for Android that Apple would certainly release | SoundHound

HOUND is an application that demonstrates that the finest alternative to Siri the Android users can access may no look much like Siri at all. This Android assistant’s Google beat Store description calls that a “voice search and assistant” utility. For this reason it’s more than likely not at every surprising that HOUND bring away its voice search usability pretty seriously. You can search using your voice by speaking naturally, no in keywords. And also you can pose follow-up questions, type the results, or add much more information to acquire a more specific answer.

HOUND can additionally be used to control music playback, catch up top top the news, make phone calls, and also send text messages. Plus, this assistant for Android have the right to expertly manage your internet searches and also update you v the recent weather information. If you’re spring for brand-new places come eat or drink at, you can ask it because that restaurants, coffee shops, and other establishment recommendations. (And you have the right to exclude the ones you don’t choose or don’t want.) Need assist with directions or requesting an Uber? HOUND can help friend out v both, making you feel prefer you’ve found Siri because that Android.

8. Jarvis


Even if to apologize did relax a Siri-esque Android app, it most likely wouldn’t be as cool as having actually an assistant for Android dubbed Jarvis | Google Play

Who doesn’t want an Android assistant that has actually the exact same name as the superpowered AI in Iron Man? OK, for this reason the version the Jarvis the you have the right to download from the Google Play save isn’t the same one the Tony distinct has. But if crucial criterion in recognize Siri-esque Android competitors is in recognize an assistant that sounds cooler than Siri, climate Jarvis might be the right choice for you. As the Google pat Store summary explains, this assistant for Android supplies “a cool aspect like none various other in the store.”

You can accessibility Jarvis native the lock display thanks come its widget support. The can set alarms, make calls, send text messages, and get voice notifications around the weather, the news, her phone’s battery status, and its strength levels. Through full regulate of her phone settings, including Wi-Fi, Jarvis can control media playback, conduct searches, and allow you to link reminders to specific contacts. Have an Android undertake device? It’ll run on it. Gift contextually aware, this Android assistant can even take component in “dynamic conversations” that offer a touch the humor.

9. Robin


The Robin assistant is a pretty an excellent Siri app for Android, specifically if you require an Android assistant to assist you out while you drive | Robin Labs

Robin’s Google pat Store description calls it the “Siri Challenger.” that doesn’t mean that it’s precisely the same thing as Siri for Android. But Robin is a pretty advantageous Android assistant. The app has garnered positive reviews from a selection of various sources. In fact, according to that is Google Play keep description, Robin “has an ext personality than other voice find products, assistants, conversation bots or messenger bots. Robin gives your smartphone a smarter character.”

You deserve to ask Robin for directions or adjacent places. Get the latest website traffic report or details on whereby to park. Or stay associated with your friends via on facebook or Twitter. Plus, you have the right to use Robin come call, text, or email your contacts. It’ll even handle your inquiries about restaurants’ ratings or aid you uncover the cheapest gas terminal in her area. One point to take note of is that Robin may not it is in able to complete few of the tasks that space supported by voice aides that space directly integrated into the operation system.

If girlfriend aren’t a pan of handing over lots of personal data to a tech market giant, Robin might be the sort of alternate to Siri for Android that’s perfect for you. Specifically if you mostly need an Android assistant to aid you out when you’re driving — a case in i m sorry Robin excels.

10. Smart Voice Assistant


If friend want a customizable Siri app for Android, the clever Voice Assistant might be the perfect Siri-esque Android systems for girlfriend | Google Play

Smart Voice Assistant isn’t the perfect analogue to Siri for Android. Yet if you favor your Android device because it permits you come get specifically what you want, this is a an excellent assistant come try. Once you very first install it, Smart Voice Assistant will display you a selection of features, because that which you deserve to activate voice commands. Because that instance, you deserve to assign your own keywords to particular features, and collection nicknames because that contacts and also phone numbers.

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Of course that also way that you’ll need to spend a little bit that time setting up this Android assistant. However once you’ve spent the time informing it specifically what you want it to have the ability to do, it’s really useful alternate to a hypothetical Siri app for Android. Even if they like Siri, Android users regularly love the customizable nature of their OS. Anyone who enjoys tinkering with setups to gain things exactly right is more than likely going to love clever Voice Assistant. It might not be the most polished app out that the bunch, yet it’s great if you desire the regulate that a faithful Siri Android copycat wouldn’t offer you.