It’s tough to name a more beloved television personality than Anderson Cooper. He’s not simply a transfer journalist, politics commentator, and also correspondent because that 60 Minutes — he’s the calm, level-headed existence we turn to as soon as we desire to recognize what’s walk on in the world. As a clip on CNN for over twenty years, he feels prefer our close friend who simply happens to it is in a celebrity, also if the only time he’s remained in our life room has been via tv screen.

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As wide as his journalistic understand are, Cooper has been known to store his personal life close come the vest. It is why, despite the rumors the were already circulating, it come as a little bit of a shock as soon as he come out as gay in 2012. Follow to The new York Times, this made the “the most influential openly gay journalist on American television,” which consequently made pan wonder who he can be dating.

It wasn’t till March 2018 that Cooper shed any light top top his personal life, announcing the he had remained in a relationship with new York City nightclub owner Benjamin Maisani for nine years. A representative that Cooper’s said USA this particular day that he and Maisani were no in love anymore however that castle still considered each various other family and would remain best friends moving forward.

So that Is Anderson Cooper Dating?


As that now, Cooper walk not appear to be date anyone. After ~ his breakup v Maisani, there were rumors the he was dating a doctor called Victor Lopez adhered to by his longtime friend Andy Cohen, yet Cooper never confirmed either relationship.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cooper announced the birth of his son, Wyatt, who was born via surrogate on April 27th, 2020. Anyone assumed that Cooper to be going to be a solitary father, but that’s once the plot thickened.

Did Cooper marry Maisani?


In February that 2021, Cooper said Ellen Degeneres that in spite of their breakup, he and also Maisani had moved in with each other to co-parent Wyatt. In his own words, “It’s weird, but it works out.” once asked, Cooper maintained that he and also Maisani would never ever get back together, which likely stemmed native Maisani’s initial insistence the he didn’t desire to have actually children.

Despite their status as unwed co-dads, Cooper insists that Maisani is “such a an excellent parent” and also that his presence has made increasing Wyatt a many easier. He is never shown the rumors the the two got ago together in 2020 during quarantine.

To this day, Cooper, who recently showed up as a guest hold on Jeopardy following the tragic fatality of former host Alex Trebek, continues to be quiet around his personal life. Countless of his fans room split between wanting the to date Andy Cohen and also holding the end hope the Cooper and Maisani will find their method back to every other.

As for whether or no Cooper wants to have another child one day, he told Ellen the he “thinks it would certainly be an excellent for to have a sibling,” he doesn’t understand if he have the right to handle another kid just yet. The silver fox has eighteen Emmys, 2 Peabody Awards, and also his own television show. We’re pretty certain that method he can do anything, v or without a male by his side.

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