As men gain older, many suffer native benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, a non-cancerous enlargement the the prostate gland. This problem results in many symptoms. In particular, can BPH influence your sex life?

Symptoms the BPH

The tiny prostate gland is component of a male reproductive system. It contains the fluid produced during ejaculation. A masculine prostate proceeds to grow and as that ages, BPH becomes much more commonplace. An enlarged prostate have the right to lead to numerous urinary symptoms.

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They encompass the following:

Frequent should urinateIncreasing urination in ~ nightStopping and beginning during urinationWeaker pee streamDribblingDifficulty emptying the bladder

In addition, periodically men have actually increased urinary infections, have actually blood in the urine, or they can’t urinate, but how large your prostate is has no bearing on just how severe the symptoms deserve to be.

The Elephant In The Room

Let’s obtain to the point. Yes, BPH can influence your sex life.

It can reason a lessened sexual drive, there have the right to be a reduction in sex-related satisfaction, and thirdly, it can reason ED or erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is defined as the i can not qualify to attain and maintain one erection because that intercourse at least 25% the the time.

Some drugs used to act BPH can lead come ED. Lock can likewise reduce sperm count, lower sperm movement and also sperm volume.

At the same time, specific ED treatments prefer Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra can improve BPH and reduce those urinary symptoms.

Yes, that complicated.

To continue, special, Proscar, an anti-testosterone drug prescribed for BPH has been attached to ED in 3.7% of males using it, through 3.3% having decreased libido, vice versa, alpha-blockers like Flomax can improve the symptoms of BPH through a reduced risk of sexual side effects.

Talk v Cleveland Urology Associates

With all of these conflicting and facility circumstances, the is constantly best to consult with your physician if you room experiencing BPH specifically with sexual side effects.

Trust Cleveland Urology Associates to recognize which treatment will be best for every one of the symptoms you space experiencing.

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