Amy Adams is nominated in the finest supporting actress classification at the 2019 Oscars, and she brought her mother and two sisters as her days to the awards show on Sunday.

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Amy Adams rotate the 91st annual Academy Awards ceremony into a family affair.

The actress, who is nominated in the finest supporting actress group for her duty as Lynne Cheney in Vice, to be accompanied by her mother and sisters top top the red carpet before the present on Sunday.

Adams, her two sisters and also their mother, Kathryn, spoke with Maria Menounos during ABC’s red carpet.

“It’s my first time pass them and it’s supervisor exciting and also I’m looking front to us having actually a really funny time tonight,” stated the actress.

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Kathryn added that gaining ready because that the awards present was both fun and also stressful. “Definitely memorable,” she added.

Menounos then asked the mother how proud she is of Adams, who has been nominated for six Oscars throughout she career. “There’s not also words,” stated Kathryn. “Amy’s simply amazing.”

The 2019 Oscars is taking place at the Dolby Theatre in ~ Hollywood & Highland center in Hollywood. The consciousness is being transfer on ABC.

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