Rail travel uses a viable alternative to the tedium that driving and the hassles that flying. For travel to south Carolina, rail present cover both the coastal areas and also the internal of the state. Whether it it is in in stately Charleston, on the sands that Myrtle coast or Kiawah Island, or in the upcountry that western south Carolina, travel by train can get you there.

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Amtrak is the only passenger rail carrier the ferries passengers from out-of-state to southern Carolina, and in 2010 it had four rail currently passing v the Palmetto State. Traveling under the new York come Miami Corridor is the Palmetto, the silver Star and also the silver Meteor. Top top the brand-new York to brand-new Orleans Corridor is the Crescent.

South Carolina Service

The Crescent passes with the west fringe of southern Carolina, with stops in the towns of Greenville, Spartanburg and also Clemson. The trains of the new York to Miami Corridor separation onto two various routes prior to reaching southern Carolina. The silver Star access time Camden, the state capital of Columbia and Denmark, while the silver- Meteor and the Palmetto prevent in Dillon, Kingstree, Florence, Charleston and also Yemassee.

Tourist Features

Two crucial battles that the American revolution were battled at sites easily accessible by Amtrak. The battle of Cowpens, which inspired the conclusion the the Mel Gibson movie "The Patriot," is 15 miles west that Spartanburg, when the fight of Camden experienced the worst defeat endured by American forces throughout the entire war. Columbia is the largest city in south Carolina, and also base for experimenting Congaree nationwide Forest. Charleston is both among the most historic cities in America and also the gateway because that the state"s Atlantic beaches.


All the the trains pass through southern Carolina space long-distance lines, and therefore come equipped with a full match of amenities. These encompass a dining car, a café car and also a lounge car. Overnight travelers have the right to reserve a roomette, bedroom or bedroom suite resting berth. Both roomettes and bedrooms have actually two bunks, but the latter features an enclosed bathroom. Bedroom suites have an enclosed bathroom, a shower and four bunks. All sleeping berths include meal service.

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Baggage Service

All Amtrak trains traveling through southern Carolina have checked package service. This way in enhancement to two 50-lb. Pieces of carry-on luggage, passenger may also check 3 50-lb. Bags into the package car. Check in all checked baggage at the very least 30 minutes before departure.

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